Improving The Jaguar Emulator


Jun 14, 2006
Just wondering with all this updating 68k cyclone cores and such, if someone could give this a shot on the Jaguar. Most Jaguar games rely heavily on the 68k CPU, at the expense of performance in other areas. This might speed up emulation quite a bit. Of course, the Jaguar needs a lot more work than this alone (the PC emulator is far from finished). However, assuming this wouldn't be too much trouble, a few people might appreciate the results :)
I second the desire to see a good Jag emu on the 2X. Its one of the few doable platforms that isn't well emulated on the 2X
I completely agree. I wanted Jaguar emulation when I first got a GP2X because it seemed doable, but nobody had attempted past the version you see now. There's a few games I'd like to play and I would enjoy it a lot if somebody made a jaguar emulator update.
If it's so 'doable' why don't you guys 'do' it?

I think the problem is that unless you can find a dev who wants to play Jag games, or an existing emulator that is simple to port, it's not going to happen...
+ very few game for your troubles, if you do a search this has been covered. :blink:
As I recall, it won't be possible to do a Jaguar emulator on the GP2x because (I don't believe) anyone worked out how to make the chips work together - I seem to recall the Jaguar uses chips they nicknamed "Tom" and "Jerry". Also, the GP2x will not have enough processing power for this task; it struggles with SNES emulation after all which is far less intensive than Jaguar. Someone managed to make a just-about-working-with-major-problems version on the PC which only ran a couple of games - Tempest being one of them; but it was very primitive.
:huh: ? Yeah, I know about the search function. :)

For those that didn't know, a Jaguar emulator has already been created for the GP2X. It's just really slow on most games right now (~4 fps). However, adding a Cyclone core and the usual MMU hack and RAM timings stuff would speed up emulation considerably over what it is now. Don't get me wrong, it's still going to be a tech demo at best, but at least it will be a little faster. If I'm not mistaken a large part of the Jaguar emulator is written in SDL, so there is a ton of room for improvements to be made.

Personally, I also think Tempest 2000 is the best Jaguar game (w/ a rotary controller), but there are several other titles worth playing (Iron Soldier series, Aliens vs Predator, Battlemorph, Rayman, etc.). At least a dozen I think. And don't forget the Virtual Light Machine.