How Do I Flash My Gp32?


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Apr 4, 2003
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Flashing your "ROM" means you will change the firmware on your GP32, which is what you see when you first boot-up the GP32. It also handles running programs, and possibly other applications such as an MP3 player.

You have to download Darkfader's flash program with a new ROM image. Then it takes from 30-60 seconds to flash your ROM. What do you get? Well instead of booting into the PC-LINK/GAME/MP3 menu, you can boot into Wind-ups, Pacrom (a very simple environment with file manager), Aquafish's FW, or the new European firmware. Aquafish's firmware (a modification of Mr. Spiv's) is best, as you can choose between Wind-ups, Pacrom or the default menu at start up. Spiv even hacked out the stupid GP32 startup animation :) PC-Link is built in.

The European firmware is a good choice if you prefer to stick to 'official' firmware. It is a little prettier, and includes the Freelauncher built-in, at the expense of the MP3 player (which is now available seperately). A newer version allows you to have four applications launchable from the boot menu, which is very fast.

However ... while not risky by itself, it's easy to mess up if you're inexperienced (wrong file to flash with, low batteries) so don't do it unless you feel safe doing it! If your batteries are low, and they run out mid-flash, you may wreck your GP32. Using mains power is unstable. The best choice is to have both.

Many, many users have flashed without trouble. You can use JTAG cables as a last resort to fix your GP32 if it is midflashes, so it is a not a complete wreck. All in all, you should be safe.

If you flash your ROM with Mr.Spiv's firmware, you'll also need to install Wind-Ups on top (link above) as it contains graphics, files etc. not included by the firmware.

Mr. Spiv's MultiFW:
Original FW & flasher: