Gp32x Collaborative Faq

Rico said:
Just tell me the VirtualDub settings.

Cue rcx21000:
Codec: Mpeg Layer 3
Audio Sampling Rate: 11,050Hz-22,010Hz (I recommend 11,050)
Stereo (Mono works for me but crashes some units)

Codec: 4.12 Divx
Res: 320 x 240 or 320 x 172 (320x240 strongly recommended)
Framerate: 10FPS (decimate by 2 or 3, do not type in a new framerate. Fps < 10 is also ok)
Bitrate: 64-128kbps (nothing else!)

Audio sampling rate should read 11025Hz or 22050Hz.

It should be at 24kbps as well, rather than 32kbps, to avoid audio sync issues when fast forwarding or rewinding.

The video bitrate is actually more forgiving in GPCinema than suggested as well, just use whatever makes the file under 128mb. Framerate can be up to 30 with overclocking, but still runs best at 10 or 15, decimated rather than reduced.

4.12 DivX should absolutely be used, I've discovered it produces much better quality than the equivalent XviD.
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