The device is literally lying on your fingers, as you otherwise couldn't reach the buttons. They are way too close to the outside.
Sorry, but i think its a design fail. The Switch is already difficult to hold, but here its even worse.
I want to hold my handheld (the name actually implies it already) not balancing it on my fingertips.
Why.... :(

I agree, that's the first thing I thought when I saw it. If you grip the console/thing you can only use the joysticks comfortably, in order to use the cursor and buttons you can't grip it comfortably. That can work with a smartphone, where you only hold it a few seconds to text or to do fast searches. I don't know how comfortable would be to play on that for 30min-1h...

On the GPD WIN the joystick and buttons are on the upper part of the grip-zone so you can grip the handheld and operate the buttons in a natural way. The same applies on the Game Gear which shares the concept of these things, plus this one was quite thick.

Actually, in the video, they are holding it mostly with the left hand (which operates the joystick, so doesn't have to move) and the right hand moves more or less freely and just supports part of the weight with the fingers. And it also uses the table to support the weight of the handheld. I guess it also would depend on how long/short your fingers are and how big/small your hands are. And it seems a bit difficult to use the shoulder buttons when using the joysticks.
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PS5: "We're getting God of War 2!"
PS3: "Pssh, we already have God of War 3."

Now that we're emulating PS3, I guess it's retro gaming, which makes it cool. Can't wait 15 years for PS5 games to become cool.
The backlit keys look good but i’m not sure about the form factor.


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Preliminary Indiegogo page for the WIN 3

High end Black version 1165G7 + 16GB LPDDR4x 4266 + 1TB Pcie Gen3 SSD The crowdfunding price:US $969
Standard Sliver Black version 1135G7 + 16GB LPDDR4x 4266 + 1TB Pcie Gen3 SSD The crowdfunding price: US $829

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Something nobody's mentioned here yet is that this thing has analog triggers, compared to previous GPD products' on/off triggers.

Should make playing Super Mario Sunshine even better than on the Switch.
It also has two custom buttons on the back you can define to do what you want
Also clickable sticks and rumble
"After hard negotiations with logistics and supplier..."
"After Aya Neo had a much cheaper price and we want to convince people to buy our product"

To be honest, the i7 model now is at a reasonable price.
I think this time I'll get one. This would be my first GPD product.
I was expecting this one to cost above 1000$.
That price now is ok. Still very expensive for a luxury product that I don't need.
However I do not want to be dependent on Nintendo so much any more and only having my gaming laptop is not comfortable.
Not sure, I get the feeling they will wait to see how the IGG goes
Ok, I'll have to buy from IGG then.
I only want the i7 model.
If they would release it afterwards, I would get it from DragonBox.
That way I have to buy from GPD directly.

How high is the risk that WIN 3 first gen has major flaws?
I have heard so many negative reports about first batch GPD products failing.
Did they improve?