GPD P2 Max - Announced

Looking at the end there, with the comparison with what I assume is a P2, it's not just a little bit bigger - it's a LOT bigger than its predecessors.

Looks like I'll be waiting either for a possible P3 which gets the size back under control or maybe the Pyra. I'll not be jumping on this monster.
I see where they've put most of the keys on this shot taken from Vcoleiro's link to liliputing:

Never mind, I've fixed it by removing the resize crap from the end. I can see now that tilde is on FN+Y and backtick is on FN+T.

Not to make this is keyboard thread, but I can see they've retained some of the most used standard laptop keyboard keys (the dot, comma, forward slash and quotes keys) but relegated everything else to FN keys on the right of the keyboard. That's probably not too bad; {, } and " are always shifted anyway, so it's only a different keyboard modifier to use those, and tilde and backtick are often squirreled away somewhere odd on laptop keyboards anyway.