GPD P2 Max - Announced

Interesting... How difficult is it to set up dual boot Win10 & UbuntuMate on one? I'm assuming that the special Ubuntu version for this is downloadable somewhere.

The Mate for the GPD Pocket 2 works fine, so DualBoot is about as hard as DualBoot on any system. My GPD Win 2 dualboots Win10 and ArchLinux :D
BTW, they officially changed the name of the device to GPD P2 Max . ie it's not called Pocket anymore, and they class it as an Ultrabook
It's not part of the Pocket line but a new product line

If a MOD can change the title of this thread, that would be appreciated.
You should be able to rename your own thread...

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People are gaming with keyboards?

Wow. I've always seen the Pocket series as work PCs and the Win as gaming systems, as these have gaming controls :)
People are gaming with keyboards?
Back in the 8-bit and to an extent the 16-bit days we had AZ<> players and ZX>; players and even a few weird QAOP players. I had joysticks for my 8-bit machines, but I only really used them with flight sims, as in the days before pads, keys were faster then those giant wobbly sticks. But yeah, these days, proper game pad style controls beats either, although I do still have a big wobbly stick for playing old arcade games.
I have an old Core i5 Laptop running Amilator as my main Amiga gaming machine, with a Joystick attached to that. But all my Speccy emulation is done with keys - QAOPM FTW :)


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