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Jan 23, 2011
So GPD have been posting teasers for a while about a GPD WIN 2 coming next year. It seems it will be crowdfunded around March next year , with delivery later in the year

From different posts made by GPD, it seems it will have a number spec upgrades over the current WIN. namely:

1) Looks likely to have a Core M3-7Y30 SOC, as per comments and leaks made by GPD

2) An early comment by Wade, mentioned it will have a M2 slot.

3) Sticks and dpad/buttins placement will be reversed so as to fit the cooling system underneath (centrally)

4) Wade mentioned it will have a bigger battery

5) Sceen looks to be about 6" now

6) Probably be more expensive

7) A revamped cooling system

8) A revamped keyboard layout

9) L3/R3 are now trigger buttons

Here are some render and prototype pics of the GPD WIN 2 Wade has shared over time: Subject to change of course.






EDIT: Added reveal video below:

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The biggest difference seems to me to be moving the daft columns of keys to the right of the keyboard primarily to above the keyboard, which gets a thumbs up from me. That was the GPD Win wasn't it, not any of the other plethora of devices they've had out?

Not that keen on WASD having a signficantly different feel for typing. Nor F11 and F12 being behind a FN-key mask. F11 is probably my second most-used F key (after F5), but I guess all F keys are behind a FN mask on the Pyra. I do like the game buttons being Euro/JP SNES colours though. That could all change with revisioning though, I guess, so it may be a bit early to comment on that sort of thing.
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Not fond of the reversed controls... Seems near otherwise but I won't upgrade from the first model...
Interessting, but nothing for me, i have the WIN 2.0 (the 1.0 whit the better CPU and the aktive Cooling) and its a pretty cool device,
But i got it just some months ago, and my next Pocket PC will be the Pyra.. ,
Fascinating and speedy as usual, those Chinese.
How many devices did GPD threw out since the beginning of the Pyra Development? ^^"
Whit a Windows OS, only 2, the Win whit Gamecontrolls and Keyboard and the GPD Pocket only whit Keyboard,
The others where Android Handhelds, whit Clamshell or Tablett Design,
But a GPD Win should be a lot easer to make then the Pyra, also they got more experence..
This is a comparison of the power difference between the current GPD WIN SOC (Z8750) and the Core M3-7Y30 planned for the GPD WIN 2.

Wade has shared photos of the GPD WIN 2, 6" screen and M2 slot confirmed

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Does look nice but I'm not sure I could use the d-pad without moving the analogue stick.
Does look nice but I'm not sure I could use the d-pad without moving the analogue stick.

Just playing with a piece of cardboard to see what it would be like, I think it will be fine.
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Well hope it won't be obsoleted and forgotten about when the GPD Win 3 comes out next year.
By the time the WIN 2 comes out, it will be roughly two years since the current WIN. I don't see it replacing the current WIN either, as the WIN 2 will be a more expensive higher spec model. ie it's more like an ipad , ipad pro situation
Just playing with a piece of cardboard to see what it would be like, I think it will fine.
Indeed, I can use the nubs on my Pandora without coming anywhere near the d-pad. It'll take a little getting used to having them there, but I think I could live with it.

As for this tempting people away from the Pyra, it's possible. But I'll just point out the Pyra will have two full sized SD slots, plus accelerometers this doesn't have (I think), and it doesn't have the awesome community this place has. The Pyra will even have a barometer inside!

This having a half-sized M2 slot is cool though!
The WIN does have a growing community, and getting bigger daily. There are people doing all sorts of things on the WIN and for the WIN. There is even thrid party suppliers making accessories for it

Accelerometer is an interesting question, the current WIN did have it - mine has it, then they took it out, as it was causing more problems than it was worth. So it will be interesting to see if it comes back.

But yeah, the new M2 slot should be good and provide a different approach to expanding storage etc

I think the other big change will be the cooling , they have spent some time and research apparently to get it right. I also expect the manual fan switch will dissappear and be replaced with a SW auto controlled fan.
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Any idea if the screen is still 1280x720? There are a few older games that will not run with a vertical resolution less than 768. 1366x768 at 6 inches would still have individual pixels be slightly larger than 1280x720 at 5.5 inches.