Gngeo2x 0.7


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Oct 14, 2005
It's time for a new version of gngeo. This version need a complete reinstall to function correctly, sorry for that.

Here is what's new:
  • Save state support
  • Change the exit combo to L&R&Select or L&R&Start.
  • Add a minimal menu system (access it via the "exit" combo ;) )
  • Fix TVout with Selector (still some work to do)
  • Add Squidge's MMU Hack (via mmuhack.o module, more stable).
  • Support dos line ending in the rom.rc files and in the gngeorc file (you shouldn't need programmer's notepad anymore )
  • Fix the bug that prevent volume change when using a .cf file
  • Fix miexchng slowdown, again :D
Save states are sometimes buggy with sound. Some game like puzzle bobble II ans League bowling mess up the music when you load a state.
Some underlying change that may interest people who play with romrc :)
  • Romrc.d officially replace the big romrc file. Every game have a unique file
    (ie: mslug.rc samsho.rc etc.) that go to int the romrc.d folders
    The path is configurable via the romrcdir option
  • Add longname option in the romrc.d files to describe tha full name of a driver
    (must be the first line of the .rc file)
  • Add biospath option. This option tel where the bios is. Now you can have your
    roms and your bios in different place
  • Fix a bug with error handling when a bios file isn't present.
From a emultation point of view, there is not many change, so the compatibility should not be improved.

Source is available here:

Binary here:

You may notice, I've moved my homepage to Berlios:
Thanks to the Choplair network for the coding/design

have fun :)

PS: As always, many bug will appear with this release, please report :lol:[/cut]
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O..m..g.. Savestates! YAY! Smite me with lightning, but that is just godly for when your batteries run out or your mom's telling you to get your homework done...
WOOT for new versions!

forgive me for being a newbie, but the volume thingy bugs me - a cf file? The ones that rage2x uses? Or does gngeo use them as well? :s
rmatheso posted on Aug 29 2006 at 10:54 PM said:
I would assume the .cf that Rage2X Uses.

Still gotta test it out...
actually, gngeo use the .cf file created by Rage2x.
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pepone posted on Aug 29 2006 at 11:59 PM said:
rmatheso posted on Aug 29 2006 at 10:54 PM said:
I would assume the .cf that Rage2X Uses.

Still gotta test it out...
actually, gngeo use the .cf file created by Rage2x.

EXCELLENT JOB! When should we expect USB joystick support for one on one clashes with our friends? :rolleyes:
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So far it works perfectly. Although when I try to load an unsupported romset (I forgot to add it to romrc, I think) and it asks me to press any key [to quit] it hangs the gp2x.
Many, MANY thanks for the update :)

It ran just fine for me using rage2x front-end, 'out of the box'.

I love the new file loading progress screen :)
Thanks for the release Pepone. Your emulator is excellent, and by the sound of things it just got even better. I'll be sure to try this out tomorrow :)

- Alex

Does this support the 2 ordinals=diagonal for d-pad users?

Thanks again for the great work on this awesome emu.
Awesome 1337 work Pepone!

This is my favourite emu of them all!

I look everyday for updates to Gngeo2x and today is my lucky day! :D just finished work so am gonna try it now :p

Thanks a lot! B)