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Aug 23, 2005
Now that GP32Spain compo ended I'm releasing Ginge.

GINGE - Ginge Is Not GP2X Emulator - is an application that runs some GP2X and Wiz software on Pandora. Yes it now includes some Wiz support, but that part is not much tested, done mainly for pcsx4all.

download release 3
(why release 3? releases 1 and 2 went to Spain compo, and I want consistent versions between Wiz and Pandora)

Some interesting things to try:
Payback demo (you need to login first)
Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles (also needs HotFix 4 or later installed)
gpSP (disable scaling or use software scaling, may run smoother with FS0)
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Oh, sweet. Thanks very much, notaz. I'm going to try it out right now. :D
If you are going to try Cave Story give it a few minutes to extract some files. It used to display a message on screen about this but it appears I broke it.
OMG downloading now, I still have my original F100 but no battery.

Thanks as usual Notaz!
Notaz, you are the MAN! :lol: I'm transfering my old GP2X files right now, and I'm dying to try Mame.

Opinions to come later.

So I just tried my old GP2X F200 16GB card. Only thing I could get to work was the NES emu. MAME4ALL, SNES, GBA menu's load but roms don't.

Was hoping for MAME4ALL.

Thanks Notaz!

Peace & Pandora,

Mjlink said:
So I just tried my old GP2X F200 16GB card. Only thing I could get to work was the NES emu. MAME4ALL, SNES, GBA menu's load but roms don't.
Use the latest version of gpSP from the archive.
For MAME4ALL, try the Wiz version.

milkshake said:
Iv loaded cave story but how do i quit the game back to the gp2x menu or back to the desktop?
start+select to exit CS

Ginge has 'q' key to kill every app, but I recommend exiting normally if possible (to give the game a chance to save and so on).
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Amazing stuff Notaz.

Had it downloaded, installed, and running Ruckman in less than 5 minutes.

Look forward to testing this with a few more GP2X classics over the coming days.

This will be a huge boon to the scene.
Thanks so much for this work Notaz. I own an F200 and Wiz, but my rechargable batteries (GP 2700 NiMH) don't hold a charge for more than a week and my Wiz also doesn't hold a charge. So with my time being spent with Pandora I don't have the ease of access to use my old consoles. This release is therefore very welcome! I also struggle with my Wiz controls, so again being able to use the glorious Pandora controls is a dream.

@ the mods, would it be possible to have a sticky/wiki article where the most popular emulators could be listed, with the best way to play them.

i.e if PSX is best via Ginge & Wiz, then a simple table with the best version will save people a lot of thread trawling.

Again, thanks Notaz!

Amazing! Thanks Notaz.

Is there any way I can disable the nub for menus? My left nub doesn't work well and I have it in joystick mode to not interfere with the programs, but in ginge it scrolls through the options without me touching it.

A way to completely disable a nub would be ok too.
Just fired up Animatch and I am without words. This is just such an amazing thing for the scene. Thanks so much Notaz. :)

(I remember back in 2008 we were talking about what it would take to run GP2X software. I never thought it would happen.)