Giana's Return

i didn't mean any offence,i remember that "the great giana sisters" on the amiga ages ago had the same levels as SMB,and i was asking if this did too...
loki valhalla posted on Mar 5 2004 at 01:05 PM said:
i didn't mean any offence,i remember that "the great giana sisters" on the amiga ages ago had the same levels as SMB,and i was asking if this did too...
Errm... no... it never had.
The only thing that was exactly the same as in SMB is the first screen with blocks...
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Great game !! :) But I've had some problems starting it. I'm using aqua multi fw3 and it only runs when I start it from pacrom. EuroFW just reboots my gp32.
Collision detection isn't so good, but to fix that, you could make it so whenever yo get killed by an enemy, a red line comes out of their eyes... Then if anyone complains, tell them that they have short-range laser guns :p
This is one of the best homegrown works I have seen on the GP32 - the graphics are complete eye-candy, the music and retro feeling is perfect... overall everything looks very "commercial" for a homegrown game.
I agree with some opinions expressed before and I believe what is already great could be made even better:
a) Collision detection is a bit too sensitive. It's nicer when the sprites "kind of touch" before you have the detection. If you know what I mean ;)
B) The character floats a little too much. Maybe I'm used to too much SBM3. I'll play the C64 version of the game some more.
c) Sometimes its kinda confusing looking at the Giana sprite mixed with the very rich playgroung. Giana has to be more evident, more visible on the game screens.

To CHN, Kojote, Op3rator, Arthus and Myth: I hope this game will teach the "professional" GP32 developers how it's done.
ive been looking foward to this game for a while..
The physics does not bother me at all.
They are almost the same as the c64. Gianna always floated and I love that they kept it true to the original

Great job.. Great visuals great audio..

I echo the opinions on collision detection. Its a little sensitive but I dont mind much at all.. just makes the game harder and there is a definate need for some more challenging games these days.

great job on this re-working of an awesome classic game!
So, I play tested it and my c/c:

1) the collision is not fair, sometimes I die and I am sure I was not touching it...
2) the cntrolls are not tight enough, to floaty and to slow on reactions
3) the bugs in the first world are too dark, sometimes I can't see them

I like the grafics and the music are very nice! and I still think Giana is ugly, but that's just my personal opinion...
Here in an Windups icon for it
This game rocks. Although i didn't actually notice the dodgy collisions until they were mentioned here. That water effect.... wow. It looks so much nicer in play than in the screenies. This is a professional piece of work.

And there's supposed to be a version with a STORY as well ?!?!? Niiiice :)

A slightly faster jump, though, would be great. And I haven't got very far, but if its practical, holding B to run would also be very nice; catching up a power up going the wrong direaction takes AAAGES!

Congratulations on producing what I think is the best custom-made game on the console, bar commercial stuff, though. Although its a near thing with Picross...
I gotta admit, when I first saw the screenshots I was kinda..... Skeptical.

But the game is pretty fun! And looks and feels alot better in play(I can see the copyright issue the game got flak from a while back too, The power ball that comes from a block, the breaking blocks in the power form, the other things even resemble goombas) but no matter, still great :) And the background......The water effect is GORGEOUS and the cloud scrolling is excellent, The background is great, but are there any more types of levels with variations of the background? Or is it not included cause the original game wasn't like that?

Loving the game so far, Had no problem with the collision at all yet, (except touching the fire a few times in some of the levels) Keep up the good work :D
Well, i don't think that sprite collision is oversensitive at all, but i just might need to play the game some for the floaty giana-control; this was the case of the original also (I remember clearly my early days.. try the original in FrodoGP)!.. I really need to pay my respect to these guys for keeping the gameplay and feeling authentic... except for the graphics, which still amazes me!!
This game is pretty cool, the graphics are nice but, yeah, the jump could do with speeding up a *very* little. Also I like the idea of holding B to run, it might make some of the trickier jumps easier though. All in all, WELL DONE!
Also I like the idea of holding B to run, it might make some of the trickier jumps easier though. All in all, WELL DONE!

if we add such an option there would be a few problems
a) it comes one more step close to mario and we don't want this
B) the original also does not have such a speed button
c) the game should not be made easier :) ...because the way it is now, is just fine. it starts slightly with easy levels and get's harder each world. we heared of a guy today allready beeing in level 27 !!! so it can't be that hard :)
you can get used to not having a run.. many apogee type platformers didnt...

but i do think the collision is pretty bad... not being funny but ive been killed with my feet ON a baddies head. .. if you dont land centrally you can die....

also the floaty physics are kinda unnatural.. i dont like em much...
still.. NICE work overall tho!!
This game is FANTASTIC! Great gfx and the gameplay is exactly like the original Giana Sisters, I guess the team must have put in a great effort the capture the original feeling.
So those that complain about jumping speed blabla - check out the original!
Anyone except me always running out of time?
I'm not the "run-through-a-level"-gamer... I take a closer look at the levels, but I'm always running out of time ;)
If I don't die, I do time out. But I suspect that's the nature of the game. One death, and I've got enough time though...