Giana's Return


Boris Johnson: Cuddly Conservative
Dec 27, 2003
Stoke-On-Trent UK
So, it's finally been publicly released. I must say it's a great game from what I've played so far (which isn't much) and it's absolutely gorgeous (rippling water and floating clouds) behind some great retro style graphics.

What do you all think?
Yes, this is a great game and the music makes me think back to my first video game system/computer The coco3 :) Good choice on releasing the gp32 one first, I didn't want to burn a DC cd to just burn a new one in a week.
Only one thing I didn't like about it - collision detection is a bit over-sensitive, so you can stand in mid-air next to blocks and enemies can kill you by looking at you.

Other than that, great!
i like it, cool game...
was a map editor planned?
THanks for this great game
awesome! i love mario type games!!! even ones that are so close as to infringe on copyrights!! yay! ;)
This is exactly what people want from remakes. Traditional game-play and updated gfx/music.... I love it! Its way above what I expected :D
Great sound and graphics, noticed a couple of glitches in the first few levels but nothing major.

Its a cool game
I HAVE TO WAIT 8HOURS TILL I CAN PLAY :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

i soooooooooooooooo loved giana sisters on my c64 and i cant wait to see this 1.

*pretends to be sick to go home now*

the physics engine and collison detection is a bit weird for my tatse never played Giana sistsers before, but i played a weird platformer that had crystals before, lol.
I love this game. It's so scenic! Granted the collison detection is a touch sensitive but this could also prove helpful in making you take more care in your gaming!

Just a random thought. I shall be playing this one as far through as I can :D
Great game, and I love the water effect, thats just amazing. The only two things I didn't like were the physics
seemed a bit "floaty", like the gravity is low. I also didn't like the main sprite, but this one is my own opinion. Other than that this game was just gorgeous, and I love what you guys have done.
Well, i'm still a newbie in tems of GP32, but this game chocked me severely. Only tried a quick go a 1st level, but i kept dying because i concentrated on the water, the clouds and the fine music... I guess this is the nicest freeware game i tried on my GP32... damn, i look forward to a full version!