Giana's Return Gp32 V0.997


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Jan 12, 2004
Salzburg, Austria
Evil Swampy and his followers have stolen the magic ruby, which made it once possible for Giana and Maria to return from their dream. Many creatures are after this ruby, but does it really has power, or was it just a coincidence?

As this is not bad enough, Swampy fell in love at first sight with Giana's sister Maria and shamelessly kidnapped her. She simply has been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You take over the role of Giana, get back the magic ruby and most important of all, save your beloved sister Maria and get home save! Good Luck!


* Power Ups and Extras
* Oldschool style pixeled sprites and tiles
* Wonderful hand drawn backgrounds
* Illustrated hand drawn storyline
* Over 18 Tracks of finest chip music!
* Multi-Language: German, English, French, Spanish
* Password and/or save game (depending on release platform)
* Hidden Warp Zones and Bonus Caves
* Hidden Trainer
* TOP 10 Highscore

Release notes:
Slaanesh ( ) has released the initial port of Giana's Return GP32. It runs pretty well and most of you might be astonished about the result. You can get the download from the dowload section.

Gianas.fxe is for NLU/FLU and BLU GP32’s
Gianas+.fxe is for the BLU+

All the data files must go into /gpmm/gianas on the GP32’s SMC.

Please give us feedback on this release and thanks to Slaanesh for his effort to port this to the GP32, it wasn't an easy task!

Giana's Return is available in the flavors Windows, GP2x, Wiz, GP32, Dingux, Ubuntu, Mac OSX and Dreamcast