Galactic Artifact - Release C


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Nov 6, 2007
After two more weeks of feature development and bug fixing, Galactic Artifact: Release C is finally here!


From the game manual:

Galactic Artifact is a real time, non-combat game of space exploration. Alien archaeologists are in search of a prized galactic artifact, hidden away somewhere amongst the stars, and have sent you on a quest to find it! You are in command of a star ship, ready to explore the galaxy, discovering hidden artifacts along the way and making a bit of profit on the side. You gather and these artifacts and sell them to the alien archaeologists for cash to upgrade your ship, or trade them for information that provide clues to help you complete your quest. As you accumulate more information, the region of the galaxy that need be explored is reduced, until the quest is completed and the prized artifact is found.

Galactic Artifact can be played as a single player race against the clock, or as a multiplayer race against other players.

Galactic Artifact is available for Windows and Linux, and will be ported to the Pandora console once it is released later this year.

For those of you interested in the game, head on over to the Pandora Beta Testing Forum where you can download the game and share game suggestions, bug reports, and gloat over victories.

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