New Open-source Forum

I joined. I'm hoping for a site a little less bulky than IMO, this one looks very light (a good thing) but needs a new name.
Squidge said:
I must say, there has been a fair number of people opening forums with the same kind of comments. They stay open for between a day and a month.

You have to ask yourself, "What can my forum do that another already popular forum does not?". What will make people visit your forum instead of gp32x or linuxquestions?
I have never spent much time on Linuxquestions and I'm not a member there, so I can't comment on that site.

As for GP32X, however...perhaps the fact that at least the offtopic section is full of assholes has something to do with it?
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what new name do you reccomend ? i just changed it to foss forums as it is unique and should result in good google listings
thanks to all who joined, hopefully it wont be long untill i can post on this/my forum from a :pandora1: !!!!!