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Jul 28, 2008
This is Evopedia, an offline wikipediareader.

Update: Fixed browser not starting on fresh HF6 install.

It is not pretty on pandora, but works for now.

Start the application, download a dump from bittorrent with the integrated downloader and you can search the articles and display them in a browser of your choice.

Pictures will be loaded from web, if connected.

I included the very tiny uzbl browser ( into this pnd.

To use it, choose Debian Sensible Browser as preffered browser on first doubleclick on an article.

This chooses the defaultbrowser only for this pnd, so don't worry...

This also includes a map, on which the articles are shown.

This is BETA right now, but doesn't write to nand ;)

If somebody knows, why it doesn't show the taskbaricons, please let me know.

Get it from the repo:

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Cool stuff! But I guess you'll need an extra SD card for it (the English dump alone is almost 12GB, and I can think of at least two more languages I'd like to have as well).

Is there a kind of cache for the images? (Meaning: images of recently visited articles get stored on your SD for offline-use?)
No clue about an imagecache, but uzbl should have a cache.

There are also "simple" dumps for choice. These are smaller, but don't include everything.
No clue about an imagecache, but uzbl should have a cache.

There are also "simple" dumps for choice. These are smaller, but don't include everything.

Could you provide some links to these? I Googled 'wikipedia dumps' and got a five page Wikipedia article that was too long to read.

I'm sure others would like some links, too. :)
You can download them from within the application.

For a test, I can suggest using the "small" dump.
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Will this, or some other application, allow for reading other wiki's offline? (like for example the pandora wiki or something from


This one can only be used with wikipedia afaik.
From research a while back, I'm pretty sure you can still fit a current usable english wikipedia dump in ~6GB after stripping metadata and running a decent compression on it. You can segment the compression to remove the lookup overhead when you need to load an article from the middle.
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So could you please describe how I get a 6gb functional copy of wikipedia onto my pandora??
You just need a big sdcard, this program and a pandora with internet access...

And a lot of time ;)
So after choosing the debian sensible browser I get following error message:

"Failed to execute default Web Browser. Input/Output error."

Restart the pandora. There seems to be a problem with the pnd not being mounted correctly. Had this once, but then never again.

Anybody else has this problem?
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Try to delete the appdata, save your dumpfolder though, if you don't want to redownload.

Also did you restart the whole pandora?
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@Cyberworm, though mcobit hasn't requested it, the /tmp/pndout file tends to be useful. The inner system guy in me says "Logs logs logs!".
I say hat too, in IRC right now ;)

Does it work for you, Mr. Rob?

PND : /media/PANDORA_DAT/pandora/menu/evopedia.pnd

PND_FSTYPE : Squashfs

APPDATADIR : /media/PANDORA_DAT/pandora/appdata/evopedia


PND_CPUSPEED : <unset>

EXENAME : scripts/

ARGUMENTS : <unset>


[ START ]--- Mount the PND ----------

Mounting : mount -t squashfs "/dev/loop0" "/mnt/utmp/evopedia"

Mounting the Union FS : mount -t aufs -o exec,noplink,dirs="/media/PANDORA_DAT/pandora/appdata/evopedia=rw+nolwh":"/mnt/pnd/evopedia=rr" none "/mnt/utmp/evopedia"

[sUCCESS]--- Mount the PND ----------

[ START ]--- Starting the application (scripts/ ) ----------

QIconvCodec::convertFromUnicode: using ASCII for conversion, iconv_open failed

QIconvCodec::convertToUnicode: using ASCII for conversion, iconv_open failed

QObject: Cannot create children for a parent that is in a different thread.

(Parent is TileFetcher(0x115188), parent's thread is QThread(0xbd228), current thread is TileFetcher(0x115188)

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/mnt/utmp/evopedia/bin/uzbl-event-manager", line 1008, in <module>


File "/mnt/utmp/evopedia/bin/uzbl-event-manager", line 1002, in main


File "/mnt/utmp/evopedia/bin/uzbl-event-manager", line 804, in start_action


File "/mnt/utmp/evopedia/bin/uzbl-event-manager", line 583, in run


File "/mnt/utmp/evopedia/bin/uzbl-event-manager", line 571, in create_server_socket


File "<string>", line 1, in bind

socket.error: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted

uzbl-core: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

None of the browsers in $BROWSER worked!
Ugh... Why is there no libwebkit on your pandora?