Emulation with the dock


Still Fresh
Nov 12, 2010

In this section we have been discussing about a possible dock for the Pandora 2. I had an idea but I'm not sure it could work.

When I was young I played a lot Crash Team Racing on the original Playstation, and I knew people could play with splitscreen together, but my brother never played with me and my friends only had PS2 controllers so I was alone.

My idea is, the dock should have 4 P2 ports on the front side, and people could be able to play emulated games with splitscreen on one TV ( I don't want to say we should be able to see our "screen part" on the P2 screen, I do understand that would be pretty complicated)

So we would have:

First P2--------|

Second P2---|_Unique dock____HDMI cable____TV we are all watching

Third P2-------|

Fourth P2-----|

I don't know if you understood.

Sorry for bad english, hope you consider my suggestion/idea :)
You don't need special hardware for this and you can probably already do it on the current Pandora. You just need software to make the Pandoras act like bluetooth gamepads, that connect to the main Pandora that runs the emulator and provides the TV out.