Release DROD 2 - Journey to Rooted Hold


Serial Porter
Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is DROD 2 - Journey to Rooted Hold, a puzzle/adventure game.

The game is SDL and wants a 1024x768 so it use omapdss to downscale to the screen. The game is still well playable.

The other thing is the controls. The games use 8 directions arrows. So the default "Desktop" keymap has been modified has follow:

{A} {^} {Y}
{<} "i" {>}
{X} {v} {B}

and Sword rotation on the 2 shoulder buttons. The "Laptop" scheme is unmodified.

You will need the datas from the Full game to play. Either copy "Data" folder from an existing Linux//Windows/Mac install inside appdata/drod2 or, if you have the GoG version, just copy the Setup file (either the Windows or Linux one) in the folder and the runscript will take care of the extraction / installation.

History log

Build 02

  • Fixed (still untested) support for Caravel Linux Data extraction
Build 01

  • Initial buid
  • Some Pandora customisation (Keymap).
  • Added support for GoG Linux and Windows Setup Data extraction
  • Added (untested) support for Caravel Linux Setup Data extraction
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