1. ptitSeb

    Release Rockbot

    Here is Rockbot, an opensource game engine with 2 games similar to Megaman on NES. I'm aware there is an old version of this on the repo, but this one is updated, so I guess it's worth uploading it. If the original version get updated, I'll remove this version. The game use SDL, and I used...
  2. ptitSeb

    Release Amphetamine

    Here is Amphetamine, a run'n jump SDL game The build use omapdss video driver and so is forced fullscreen. The keymap is adapted to the Pandora, with {X} for jump, {A} to run, {B} to attack and {Y} to activate / use key. Changing weapons is still with the number keys. History log =========...
  3. ptitSeb

    Release Vorton

    Here is Vorton, a remake of the CPC Game Highway encounter The game use SDL, and is fullscreen thanks to omapdss driver. Go there for a review of the original CPC version of the game: Note that the game is not 100% finished, only the spanish...
  4. ptitSeb

    Release Call to Power 2

    Here is Call to Power 2, the commercial Civilisation-like game whose engine has been open source by Activision You'll need data from the full game to play this pnd. Either copy "ctp2_data", "ctp2_program" and "Scenarios" from an existing CtP2 install to appdata/ctp2 or, if you own the GoG...
  5. ptitSeb

    Release DROD 2 - Journey to Rooted Hold

    Here is DROD 2 - Journey to Rooted Hold, a puzzle/adventure game. The game is SDL and wants a 1024x768 so it use omapdss to downscale to the screen. The game is still well playable. The other thing is the controls. The games use 8 directions arrows. So the default "Desktop" keymap has been...