DragonBox Preorder Queue


Still Fresh
Jun 9, 2012
Hi ED,

in (early) December your (original) preorder queue was down to 150 pcs in total. Then you offered the christmas upgrade and lowered the price.

So, how many units do you have left by now? Just curious as I'm somewhere in batch 2 (600Mhz model)...

Do Craigs untis (around 800?) have any priority or do you still ship them 50/50?

Hope to get an answer soon :D
I think I'm now at about 120 but will ship more units this week.

It's still 50:50.
Thanks ED for your really fast and honest reply!

If I don't make too great demands, please, can you check if I'm in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last quarter of the remaining preorders? My name is Marc A. with sonny...@...

I still consider upon the xmas upgrade if it's still valid, as I will travel again in near future... Actually the 600Mhz model would be good enough for me... but a Pandy in my pocket would fit in more than one way.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and persistence!