Customer support & Shipment (can't contact ED)


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May 24, 2012
I got an email mentioning that my Pandora is ready to be shipped, I have paid all the dues on time, got a confirmation from Evil Dragon 3 weeks back on the receipt of payment and another email confirming that I should receive an email about the shipment information within days. From that time up to today I have not received any communication, I contacted evil dragon several times with no response.

How can I get that done? Why do I have to struggle to get something I should get by default! And How hard it is to reply your customer inquiries Mr. Evil Dragon!. And what I should do in order to get a response from you!!!
Did you send the mail to ?

This address is reserved for preorders, so I try to reply to it within a week.

If you got the payment receipt though then it should've been shipped. Was it signed mail? If yes, then yu won't get the tracking details automatically.

Every other email adresses do take a while right now (sadly).

I'm only human and the current massive amount of work makes it hard to find some time to reply for emails. I've got an average of 4 hours sleep per night right now, I can't lower that :(

Sorry about that. I'll try to reply to all emails as soon as possible, but I just get so many of them :(
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