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Mar 8, 2008
So, I saw some chatter in Viking's Pandora review thread, about the naming of computers and electronic devices, and I have to wonder what naming schemes people out there use. I'm pretty sure there isn't already a thread for this, and I have tried searching, but please pardon me if I missed it and we do already have one.

It's no surprise that my naming setup is Mega Man-themed. Specifically, because Inti Creates (a developer that Capcom works with) developed some of my favourite games in the series (the Mega Man Zero series, the Mega Man ZX series, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man 10), I use names from places, objects, or characters from the games that they've developed.

For example, my Wii is named "Area-Zero" after an important stage in Mega Man Zero 4, one of my computers is "Grand-Nuage" after the large airship in Mega Man ZX, and my Pandora is named, er, "Pandora", after Pandora from Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent. :p

What other naming schemes do we have out there?
My computers inherit the name of a female anime character, roughly corresponding to the computer's attributes.

So far I have Mitsuki the server, Rei the dumb terminal, Asuka the laptop, Ritsuko the wireless router, and Yui the (other, Gentoo) server.

Peripherals generally stay nameless. A "peripheral" is defined as anything I cannot hack to run Linux. If a peripheral -really- needs a hostname, I'll just assign its model number or location. Occasionally I'll get less possessive, and give a printer a male Japanese name... but not too often.

I'm rather selfish; I don't like to share my harem. :lol:
I don't have a shared theme between my devices. My tower is called modeste, because its specs are pretty modest and I was listening to "Pictures at an Exhibition" at the time. My netbook is called Hermes, because I see it as a sort of messenger, and Mercury just wouldn't have worked, for various reasons. I only name stuff when I absolutely have to.
I've noticed some of the servers at my university are named after Atari games.
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I might get banned or something for saying this, but I do a fair amount of wardriving with my mobile devices. Just to borrow connections, of course. I'm not using Wireshark to steal passwords or anything like that. Anyways, I get a little paranoid when I do that sometimes, as if I'm just taking ahold of someone's bait. So I named my devices on that theme:

My laptop is foilhat, my Pandora is tinhat, and my mother's laptop is babyhat (I gave her an old thinkpad which I modified the BIOS configuration of to allow a b43-based wireless card, allowing packet injection just in case she had hers and I didn't, and I needed to get online).

My wired desktop though is just called ubuntu. Which is strange, since It's Linux Mint. ;)
I name my computers after South Park characters. Workstation is named Kenny (because I constantly rip it apart and generally abuse it), netbook is named Ike, server/firewall is named Choksondik and pandora is named Token.
As seen on Viking's post, I use no scheme.

My phone is named "StormBringer", my wifi's SSID is "Melnibone" from Moorcock's books. (the phone's name came from the fact that the standard wallpaper was animated and featured a black backdrop with strange scribbling moving on it)
The PS3 name is "Monolith"… it's huge, black, shiny and I had to find a name

The Wii is "Pearl"… small, white, shiny… same as the PS3 in fact

And for the computer, I was reading a lot of manga at the time, so I named it "Mokona".
I forgot to add that the name of my PSP which is "Wipeout portable" because it's the games I play the most on it.

But it'll change soon because I'm waiting for a game that will succeed on letting me use the psp for other thing than "wipeout and basic emulation everywhere".

And when my Pandora will be delivered, the only games I'll play on the psp will be the wipeout (because pure and pulse are pretty good wipeout), god eater burst and princess crown.
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Portable systems get Greek/Roman/Astronomy names starting with the letter 'P'. Desktops get Astronomy/Game-character names starting with the letter 'A' except when I forget and they start with a 'P' as well. Hard drives when not the main drive of a computer get Map names from various FPS/RTS games. Routers get Norse God names. SD cards get names starting with 'SD' and a random three digit numerical ID following.

Hence, my Pandora is called 'Pyxis', a family laptop is called 'Prometheus', my Desktop is called 'Procyon'. Old computer was called 'Auriga' but it has since passed. :(

Hard drives are called 'Torlan' and 'Proxycon'. :p

Friend of mine used to name his computers female names, which weirded out his friends when he'd refer to them by name, and was put to an end when he got a girlfriend.
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How fun to see that I'm not the only crazy persons that love their gadgets too! :D And yes, my devices names that I posted in my review:

Pandora = Louise (the name just clicked :p )

My laptop = Veronica (Mars)

My PS3 = Elisabeth (Queen)

My telly = Maria (Amelie)
My ex is called B***h.

My car is called "Keep going clutch"

Missus is called names behind her back :D
my nds lite is called acekard rpg

my psp is still called m-33

my ngc is called viper gc extreme

my wii is called wasabi

my ps3 is called kmeaw

pandora will keep its name

3ds still nameless
I have six devices (few PC's/nas/media streamer etc) on my network and they are named to the Seven trappist breweries

Achel, Orval, Rochefort, Chimay, Westmalle and LaTrappe

Westvleteren is reserved for my pandora

As it happens I have also all those beers in house :)
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I call mine after some female characters:

desktop pc                           :  Silvermoon

laptop win7                          :  Alexstrasza

laptop archlinux                     :  kagome

laptop archlinux inside virtual box  :  rihoko

server                               :  kerrigan

parents laptop                       :  sakura

pandora when received                :  kirara (cute little demon cat from inuyasha)
I've still to finalise my naming system. I'm thinking Greek Gods, in which case the computers would be

Desktop - Zeus

Laptop - Hephestus (used for doing the most Coding)

eeePC - Hermes

Pandora - Hope (actually it's current name, an in joke about Pandora's Box)

PS3 - Ares

Wii - Pan (was actually a God)

Router - Helios

PSP - Detmer

when I get my media PC it'll be either Apollo/Dionysus.
Some of my stuff is called "Evil", like "EvilPhone", "EvilNavi", etc.

My servers have various names. My home server is named "Shiranui".

The main server at work "Goliath" while the smaller backup server is "David".

One of our customers has "SuSI" and "AnNA" as servers (both running SuSE ;) )

The first server where the Pandora website was running on was called "Hephaistos", as Hephaistus created the gift that the gods gave to man, the woman Pandora and her pithos.

Speaking of Pithos, that's the current server where all these websites are currently running (Pithos is basically Pandoras Box).