A small insight into my Mega Man collection (because some folks asked :P)

Yes, yes I have, indeed. You may want to look up "Thunder Blast Man"/"Thunder Blaster Man", and "Rocman X Gold", both of which are the same game, but for the Game Boy Colour (though the latter has a plagiarised Mega Man sprite for the main character). :p


Pardon the fact that there's a guy talking all over this video (work warning: There is occasional swearing) - it's the only one I could find of the game's hilarious intro sequence on YouTube (I bookmarked another one years ago, but it's since been taken due to copyright infringement claims being made against it).

I love the utterly bizarre way in which the main villain introduces himself not just by name, but also with his age and marital status (which is frankly one of the strangest things I've ever seen in a game), and the way that the game's hero is watching the city like freakin' Batman. :lol:
And they're all horribly ear-splitting. My hearing will no doubt never be the same. :lol: