Case styles/designs that could work for the P2 (post pictures here)


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May 28, 2003
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The idea of this thread is to discus ways in which the P2 could have a new case that is:

  • cheap to design
  • easy to produce
  • aethetically pleasing
  • strong
  • etc
and to find other products that could feed into a design. (obviously nothing official at this point)

Here's starters:


Strong metal frame + nice display bevel
This is just pretty darn cool looking. I want it back.


Note: I have no idea how to post images. Mods, feel free to edit in the image at specified link. Done - Binky
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Take the Zaurus SL-C3000 


- make it all slightly bigger

- change the keyboard 

- add keyboard backlight (biggest thing i'm missing now ; it's very annoying on both zaurus and pandora...) 

- make the screen fill out and bigger and higher res (no need for the PIM buttons obviously; speakers though...); LG 1080p 5 inch?

 - Note though: the screen of the Zaurus is really incredibly clear and precise => the quality is better than my samsung s2 while having precise pen / finger input

- make the bottom more pandora like while learning 'durable' (mine are from 2003/2004 and still working perfectly (with angstrom now) including long battery life.... no new batteries and no broken clips etc!) from the zaurus

- tiny ssd drive 

- add 2 micro sd + 1 mini sd port

- add standard (...) hdmi  port

- add wifi and preferably (I'm in EU... no covering WIFI here) 3g/4g chip

- add micro usb ports and allow loading through at least one of them instead of a custom adapter

- (I don't really care about bluetooth and such; never used it, probably never will?)

I think I would be in heaven... I use the Zaurus and Pandora about the same as laptop replacements; I like the pandora keyboard / gaming better and obviously there is 7+ years of tech performance difference (for none gaming I don't even notice that that much to be honest). The lack of backlight (on both) and flipover screen (on the pandora) are the biggest reason for not having total and utter computing happiness *yet* :)  
Definitely a 5" screen is the largest you can get without loosing portability.

A flipping screen is interesting to make it more appealing for touch device enthusiasts for sure, although for me it's definitely not a must, especially as a thick (as the current pandora) "tablet" makes not much sense.

A good reference would be the Sharp PC-Z1 NetWalker: if you remove the speaker space and reduce the keyboard a bit to make it less wide.


Ectaco (USA company) has a lot of electronic dictionaries and language learning devices with simillar form factor:


Further reference videos:

BTW... A lot of mini-computers are available in asian markets, especially in Japan...I even remember seeing a japanese tourist using a mini computer the size of a Pandora around 2005, and electronic dictionaries and translators are big in the "three tigers" (Japan, China and Corea) . Maybe there's some company in Japan willing to produce/design the P2/dragonfly/myriad/whatever-the-name-is cases and keyboards.

I wonder if Pandora has customers there. 

And one that really ought to be thrown in (even to be dismissed!):

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the screen bezel should be as small as posssible. counter example:


which looks wow, until you realize the screen is the small rectangle:

I'm actually considering buying a nanonote as an ultra-low-power machine. It's a shame there's not more software for it. Have fun making analog nubs that small.
I'd rather it by a sturdy size than something that's really thin. I do agree that the screen should take up as much of the area as possible on the top. But i'm not sure i would like flat keys, they're harder to properly type with.
I agree - the keys need a separation between each other for touch-typing...your fingers need to feel the gaps between the keys when they get that small.  I don't mind the current Pandora's keyboard/keymat to be honest.  The one improvement for me would be to make it more responsive (i.e. less force placed down upon the keys to register a response), but it's not that bad.