Best C64 Games That Can Be Emulated


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Feb 9, 2004
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I've recently been getting into C64 emulation using GPFrodo.

I had a C64 way back when I was a kid and have gotten all of the games I remember working fine..

These include:
- Jumpman
- Pitstop II
- Omega Race (runs too fast unfortunatly but I now have a PD Genesis Version :D
- International Soccer II
- Summer Games II
- Henry's House

so anyway I was wondering if anyone can give me the names of some other good C64 games that work well with GPFrodo and will last me my 2 day long roadtrip for new years.

If possible post your favorite(s) from each category Below :lol: :
Sports (can also be unrealistic IE: Speedball 2)
Fighting?(did C64 have any of those?)
Other (whatever categories I missed)

Thanks guys!

Also I HIGHLY doubt it but were there any life simulation like games such as the sims, animal crossing, kindof Harvest Moon, or The GBA Sims.... These are my favorite type of games so I figured maybe it'd be worth asking :rolleyes:
Toy bizarre B) B) B) is my all time fave. I think it would go under other just rember to hit F1 to start a game.

And yes the c64 had fighting games i rember a bunch but not the name if you want I could go look through my c64 disks.

Time tunnel is a good Strategy/ puzzel game.

Bubble Ghost is a nother good puzzle game.

All of the Boulder Dashes i never tested them all tho.

Tank & Tank Battlezone very fun tho some levels are damn near imposable to beat.

Cliff Hanger another great game kinda is a pussle one but fun and you can just pick it up and go.

ummm yeah if you want any more ill be glad to go dust off the o'l 64 for ya.

Well I was a fan of shooters back in the day. Not sure if all of these are emulatable, but they're a start...

Platform: Turrican 1 + 2 (technically shooters, but hey!) Arcade perfect (performance-wise) Bubble Bobble (but the bonuses are in different places). Rainbow Islands was damn fine too.
Racing: OutRun Turbo, Stuntcar Racer, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (unknown if these work at all - not a fan of racers)
RPG: Bard's Tale series
Strategy: ummmm
Sports (can also be unrealistic IE: Speedball 2) Speedball 2 cannot be beaten. California Games was cool too.
Fighting?(did C64 have any of those?) "Only" IK and IK+. These were seminal. Barbarian games were pretty good too. Street Fighter 2 was appalling. Six buttons into one just don't go.
Other (whatever categories I missed): Scrolling shooters (the C64 actually had scrolling hardware)... Denaris. An adventure called Exile (think a 2D version of Half Life 2). Paradroid (top down strategic shooter with puzzle minigame) is absolutely fantastic. Ghosts n Goblins (shooty/platformer).

Hope this helps.
Henry's house!!!!

Good to meet another fan!

Piracy, good Chess style C64 game
Ghostbusters (awesome game)
BC Bill, ol' classic

Anyone got Wizball to work?
Tapper (arcade conversion) and Nebulus (platform game set on a tower that scrolls round).

Both work in Frodo.
Also I HIGHLY doubt it but were there any life simulation like games such as the sims, animal crossing, kindof Harvest Moon, or The GBA Sims.... These are my favorite type of games so I figured maybe it'd be worth asking :rolleyes:

LITTLE COMPUTER PEOPLE. It started the whole genre.

I'd recommend Alter Ego, but apparently it doesn't work on GpFrodo yet.
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Platform : Nebulus, Giana sisters, Topper the copper, Pyjamarama, cauldron II,
Futureknight, Roland's rat race, Frantic Freddy, Lode runner, Hot pop, Miner 2049,
bounty Bob strikes back, Henry's house, Hopeless, Daredevil Dennis and the best
of them all; H.E.R.O, Gods and heroes, Impossible mission, Jumpman JR,
Montezuma's revenge, The human race and Bruce Lee.... The Dizzy games and
the Monty games are also a sure pick!!

Racing : hmm, i played badlands and the Pole positions, Outrun and Revs

RPG : A lot of AD&D games from SSI are available in this genre !!
Sword of Fargoal, the Ultima series and Apshai trilogy are pretty nice ;)
A lot of nice adventure games like Defender of the crown, Master of magic,
Elite, Mercenary, Pirates, Fabolous Wanda

Strategy : Clearly you want to give the Archon series a go..
also Oil imperium and Piracy

Sports : Knight games, Caveman ugh-lympics, Decathlon, Hyper sports, Hypa ball,
Skate or die, Track and field

Fighting : Yie ar kungfu, Fist II, International karate+ (IK+)

Other : Be sure to check out the games made by Jeff Minter..
Ghostbusters, Falcon patrol, Eagle's nest, Wings of fury, Alleykat, Cosmic tunnel,
Dropzone, Parallax, Threshold, Uridium
Yeah, definitely Giana Sisters. Very much in the Super Mario style, to the extent that Nintendo got it withdrawn from sale not long after it was released. The difficulty level is just right to keep you coming back for more.

For a quick blast IO is a neat shooter, but damn tough. Delta is another very polished shooter which is a bit of a memory game - it helps to remember where the next attack wave is coming from and what weapon to pick up next. The supposed sequel, Armalyte is quite a bit different - bigger and probably more playable than Delta, due to having more fredom in the route you can take through the levels. Seems to play slightly slow (without framsekip) but that's more of a help than a hindrance :)