Ask the Dragon!

When should we do the live video session?

  • Wednesday, July 25th, 4pm - 6pm (UTC)

    Votes: 21 20.6%
  • Friday, July 27th, 4pm - 6pm (UTC)

    Votes: 38 37.3%
  • Wednesday, August 1st, 4pm - 6pm (UTC)

    Votes: 16 15.7%
  • Friday, August 3rd, 4pm - 6pm (UTC)

    Votes: 34 33.3%
  • Saturday, August 4th, 9am - 11am (UTC)

    Votes: 50 49.0%

  • Total voters

I tried to create lists vor a few cities to make it easier to compare the two most popular choices (Friday and Saturday).
I hope I didn't make any mistakes.
  • Friday, 04:00pm - 06:00pm (UTC)
    • Sydney: 02:00am - 04:00am (Saturday)
    • Tokyo: 01:00am - 03:00am (Saturday)
    • Berlin: 06:00pm - 08:00pm
    • London: 05:00pm - 07:00pm
    • Rio de Janeiro: 01:00pm - 03:00pm
    • New York: 12:00noon - 02:00pm
  • Saturday, 09:00am - 11:00am (UTC)
    • Sydney: 07:00pm - 09:00pm
    • Tokyo: 06:00pm - 08:00pm
    • Berlin: 11:00am - 01:00pm
    • London: 10:00am - 12:00noon
    • Rio de Janeiro: 06:00am - 08:00am
    • New York: 05:00am - 07:00am
should set it up in the form of a reddit AMA and let democracy sort the questions in order of relevance.

Otherwise it might end up as coherent as a twitch stream which can be entertaining... if that's the goal.
should set it up in the form of a reddit AMA and let democracy sort the questions in order of relevance.

Otherwise it might end up as coherent as a twitch stream which can be entertaining... if that's the goal.

Screw signing up to another bloody website just to ask a question. IRC or here will do fine. Also, he's doing it using youtube streaming because he already has an account there (and it will turn into a plain youtube video after so you can review it at your leasure).
As it's on camera, I can also show things

Okay, it looks like today (Wednesday) won't get most of the votes, so that would be out of the question.

Seems like Friday or Saturday would be the best day... though I'm not sure yet we can do it as good on Saturday, as I need to check whether the team all have time for that as well.
Just pick a time and do it. But - please record the session so that those of us who will either be sleeping or working at that time to see the playback?

Yes, Youtube automatically saves it and makes it public afterwards.
[doublepost=1532480955][/doublepost]Just a quick reminder:


My work on the Pyra is currently mostly working on the testing scripts for the hardware. I haven't anything setup yet and won't have the time to do that.
So while I can show you the desktop, I can't show stuff like HDMI out, games or anything else.

I will cover that once the testing scripts are finished (those have higher priority) as I can then test out the OS itself.

So yes, I can show some things (the PCBs, the Pyra, compare it to other devices I own or show the inside of a nub or stuff like that), but the main idea is to answer questions you always wanted to know but never asked.
You can ask what the biggest hurdle for me was during the production, what I think of the outcome now that it's mostly finished or stuff like "Why did you make the decision to...", etc.
- "Wie ist eigendlich deine Bestellnummer " ?? , I mean: As one of the First Guys who is involved in the Pyra Development (the big boss) it wouldnt be fair if you dotnt get a Pyra Device for yourself..
- " Which collor will the final Pyra get "
- " In which cases dit you allready use your Pyra Prototyphe??"
- " Can you compare the Pyra whit some of your older Devices?? like Pandora, GP2X, GP32",
-" What will you do if the last Pyra from the Pree Order Que is out in the wild " ??

- " and dit "You know who" also ordered a Pyra " ??

Do somewhone knows, will the Youtube APP in the XBONEX also play the Stream ??
I will try to follow the stream, but if i ditnt find the time, then i wouldnt mind to watch the Video after ..
not sure if i'll be able to catch the stream, so i'll add this: what are you doing when you actually have a free day? (aka do you have hobbies you haven't turned into a job (yet)? ;))
Will buying a Pyra make me less lonely?

No. You live in Texas. Nothing can make Texas less lonely. To quote Redd Foxx, "Texas is nothing but miles and miles of nothing but miles and more miles."

However, you won't realize how lonely you are because you'll have a super cool connected device that lets you get online from --> Next to Nowhere <-- and make offhand comments in forums, play games, and maybe if we're really lucky we might get to play some multiplayer games too and become emotionally attached to people we'll never meet and ...

Note - Texas has a population density of 101.2 people per square mile.
Nebraska, where I live, has a population density of 24.3 people per square mile.

For you Europeans to reference... that is 39.1 people per sqkm for Texas and 9.4 per sqkm for Nebraska. Germany has 229 people per sqkm.
@Grench : The least populated area in France is Lozère, with 15 people per km². I live in northern Loire, which has 159. Our nationwide density is at 100,8 people/sqkm, or 118 for metropolitan France only. :)
@matzesu : Regardless of whether he-who-shalt-not-be-named ordered or not, he shouldn't answer this question for professional confidentiality reasons alone. But who wouldn't like to know ?

If it's this week, I'm afraid I won't make it.
In this case :
- What's your gaming history ? (which first platform at what age, your favorite games and genres over time, which platforms you owned, PC specs evolution etc)
- Same with Linux, how did you get into it ?
- Have your relatives (wife, family...) and friends always been supportive of your projects (mainly Dragonbox Shop and Pandora/Pyra) ?
- What are your favorite food and snacks ?

Or we can always ask these questions instead :