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Aug 11, 2003
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Uhh...Ello, I know this is a lot to ask and all, but could someone test these games on OpenSNES9x without sound? (Specify if it is playable with. Doesn't matter what frameskip, but please specify)

Dragon Quest 5
Dragon Quest 6
Final Fantasy 5

Also, please say whether you are at 156mHz, 166mHz, etc. Again, I am so sorry to ask so much, but I need to convince my friend to get a GP, and he will only get one if he is convinced that at least soem of our favorite Japanese RPG's work on the GP, and my GP is gone.
actually thats: never assume, it makes an ass out of u AND me

and piracy shmiracy.... its the SNES for gods sake...

are you sure FF5 runs full speed with sound EVEN during battles??!

im not ...
bakubaku posted on Feb 10 2004 at 11:52 AM said:
actually thats: never assume, it makes an ass out of u AND me
actually it makes an ass out of blipped, not me
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This isnt promoting piracy at all. How many threads are there about how well roms work?..... Hundreds.
If it offends you so much, just assume that he has the original cartridges and will be making his own rom dumps. As I assume, thats what you do..... :)
FF5 runs very well, nearly fullspeed @ 156mhz, sound on 8bits 22khz
Dragon Quest 5&6 run not as fast as FF5 but still very enjoable (same settings as above).

everything frameskip 2
blipped4 posted on Feb 10 2004 at 10:17 AM said:
THis is really promoting piracy,Should be Deleted.
That avatar you have.. hmm i really don't think you have the copyrights to use that..You should be deleted .... and errr wtf is wrong with you?

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Yah know, we DO own these games. Thanks for all your help, he has decided to get one when he heard that FFV is near full speed. (at 156mHz, he is getting a certified 166mHz one.)