Anyone wanna analyze my spriting?

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    Thanks for the post JDTAY.
    I didn't know this was a thing, I'm going to have to install and check out Aseprite!
    I have been using Flipnote studio 3d on my 3ds for my animated GIF art projects.
    But if I end up liking Aseprite, I may end up doing this on my pc :happy:!

    Art wise, If your sprites are small in your game than they look great (you don't want to over clutter them), other wise I would add more detail.
    Also sense we are in a art critic thread, can I get some on mine?

    My latest Gif made in Flipnote: [​IMG]
    some don't take me seriously for this but for most of my stills I end up using MsPaint, no joke.
    My Latest MsPaint: [​IMG]
    These two are more jokes than artxD!


    MsPaint Pro tip / tutorial:
    Step 1: open MSPaint
    Step 2: Save and change format to Mono Bitmap
    Step 3: save it
    Step 4: Profit!
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    I should mention, I made some three color sprites for a potential GameBoy Color style roguelike that I might make. 20 by 20 pixels though, 'cause I like to keep things easily scalable to HD resolutions, and also because I don't want to accidently copy any real GameBoy Color art.


    Pretty snazzy, eh?
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    .. you are getting better at this JDTAY. Keep it up.

    The hard part is telling which part of the sprite is the obstruction BASE on the "ground". This way you can have some overlap in the head, so it looks like you can walk up to something.


    So, for example, the soldier is a 20x20 solid block (much like chess), and can not walk any further up to the table, but would be able to walk behind the tree, like the Ninja does.
    Your explorer, has a smaller spritebase (obstruction rectangle). This way he can walk up to things, but you need to take care that he does never put his head below the tree.

    Of course, Good sprite management (print the sprites sorted by Y value) solves all these "conflicts"
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