Another Stupid Question (maybe ... Lol)



Everything works fine; I can load any.wads in my DOOM folder, however ... I can't see them. I can delete the folder and re-add .wads but they are invisible. Any clue as to why? Thanks :)
Heya! Glad to see ya posting on the boards, This is JSIM under a different alias.

And hm, Havn't had that issue yet.... Try downloading the new GPdrive by squidge? It's easier than the PC link software, and i've yet to have an issue with it (using windows XP by the way) works great, and faster.
go to where the wads should be in Pclink, then go to the View menu (I think), and click refresh. This should show the wads.

I would recommend not using PClink. There are some great alternatives to it....... such as my favourite, GPdrive.
Ganepark32 posted on Feb 24 2004 at 04:43 AM said:
Where do you get GPdrive cause i'm having some problems with PClink
You can get it from the beta testing forum on this very site.
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I just got GPdrive, and whoa! Not only is transferring files faster, but I can now see all the .wads LOL