Unable To Load Any Wads :(



I have GP Doom in the GP/MM folder, and I created a DOOM folder in GAMES, where I put all the wads ... I can load Doom 1 & 2 (commercial vers.), and they play fine, but whenever I choose a wad, they don't work. I.E ... the ultimate Simpsons wod only loads the title screen, and Star Trek doom loads up to the selection screen and freezes. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance :)
I am encountering a similar sort of problem, and cant seem to be able to load extra wads duke nukem gp loads and runs fine the demo runs fine as well but as soon as i start a new game it comes up with an error saying "IErr:W_Readlump: wad read info failed on shutting down" what does this mean????
All these extra wads look amazing and id love to get them to run
If you wanna load extrawads like simpsons or Duke Nukem you have to select in gpdoomv9 :

- doom2.wad (original one) as the GAME

- duke.wad (for example) as the EXTRAWAD and it'll work very properly guyz.

I think you loaded Duke as the GAME, didn't you? :D
I choose either Doom or Doom2 as the game, then whatever else as the extra wad, such as 'ultimate simpsons doom'. The .wad loads, but then hangs or even resets the GP32. :(
All this perhaps because you don't use gpdoom v.9 but another old version...
Check that guyz because I have created those wads and tested them many times and it works very well with every user, as I am told.
I'm checking out that link...thanks so much. I'll d/l tonight when I get into work ... I may have the wrong pwads. *bookmarks link*

Thank you again for the help man :)
It might be nothing but a typo on your part, but you mentioned you had the wads in your GAMES folder. It should be your GAME folder. And that would pretty much stop them loading...

Rename it with COMI or something and see if that helps.

I am, of course, assuming that your GP/MM foler is in fact gp:\\GPMM\ as opposed t two folders, one called GP, and inside it, MM.
doom1 needs to be selected to work with some wads.. doom 2 with others... try each for each wad....
YAY! :D it works! it works! I had to use the pwads, and all is well. Thanks again for all the input and help :)