Saving Weirdness


Still Fresh
Jun 17, 2004
God GPDoom working with my (legal and proud) Doom ][ WAD. I understand save problems are pretty commonplace (reading the documentation and reviews)

I'm having great fun zombie/alien/monster blasting when it's time to get to work. I save (took 2/3 seconds), play for a while longer, die. I reload the save play for a bit, save to a new slot and turn my gp32_console off.

I switch on again a few hours later and the saves have disappeared, ah well, i play for a bit try it again, works fine but the same thing happens after i turn off/on.

I slot the SMC in my reader (not using the GP itself) and delete some files to make way for a movie, but the doom folder contains gibberish files and folders and wont delete at all because "the file or directory is corrupt". I'll probably have to format the card, but i took a back-up of everything before i started deleting stuff so it's no big deal.

I wonder if though, is there something i can do to get my saves working or will i have to wait for doom v10?