Nes Emu Issues


Dec 15, 2005
So I've messed with all the NES emus.

The port for Pandora works okay, but screen scaling and vsync don't work, so I tried the GP2x version via Ginge.

That works, but for whatever reason, Ninja Gaiden (and maybe other games) run at 86 fps with frameskip on auto or at 0. I have no idea why.

The ginge-wrapped pnd for gpfce gp2x seemed to be best, but it just went haywire on me. Doesn't remember my rom directory, showing a bunch of junk lines when I try to load a rom. It appears the problem is that it keeps directing to me a mnt>utmp>gpfce2x folder which apparently has a bunch of junk files. I thought okay, I'll just delete that folder, but from xfce you can't delete anything in the utmp folder? Is there a way to override that?