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    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    I'm staying put. If this forum completely dies then perhaps I'll look at moving to another forum. I'm fine with Craig and ED creating an official Pandora forum for the product they are selling. But GP32X isn't that kind of forum; it is, and should be, a non-biased, non-partisan, community...
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    Thinking About Cancelling My Order

    yeah I think you'll be able to sell them on here airwolf - plenty of people would probably jump at the chance to buy a Pandora via paypal ;)
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    Reordering Deadline

    3000 units at 200 quid a pop is 600,000 quid... I'd say that's pretty profitable by anyone's standard! (not saying that this is the case, or something I believe... just pointing out that as theoretical scams go it's both convoluted AND profitable)
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    Release Assembled Pandora Video

    I went from not caring about this project to wanting to order one after viewing this video... the 2nd batch better not take too long!
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    What Will You Do When You See The First Finished Pandora?

    decide whether or not I'm going to ebay it... ;)
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    Newsletter Received.

    agreed - you can put me in that camp too! I can't see myself paying for a pre-order unless i'm absolutely certain that I'll receive it this year and I'm definitely not paying anything until I've seen a Pandora in its finished case with a working OS. if craig sticks a video up which does all...
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    Newsletter Received.

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    Newsletter Received.

    Can I ask a slightly cynical question? I'm not suggesting that this is the case at all but... what happens if, say, only 1800 people actually put money down on a pre-order? does this mean that there won't be enough money to pay for the production of the first 3000, which I assume is the minimum...
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    Pandora Scheduled In August Right...

    12 hours is too short a time imo! don't mean to be unkind but has anyone seen some of Chad's youtube videos about gadgets and what-not... watch a couple of them and you'll see why his posts are so irritating to read: he's precisely the same in real life!
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    Center Click Vs More Travel

    man, looking at my IBM Thinkpad as I type this, it would have been really nice if the Pandora had a Trackpoint added (in addition to the two analogue nubs). Control overload? yeah probably, but it doesn't take up a lot of room and is much nicer to use for mouse control than an analogue joystick...
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    New Blog Post

    I had an analogue joystick for my amiga 1200 - the amount of games that meaningfully supported it were few. PC games were different I'll admit though - X-Wing/Tie Fighter were much more playable with analogue joysticks. (edit) I think we have to get some perspective here - are there enough...
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    New Blog Post

    how about concentrating on the bluetooth drivers for PS3 joypads? This way, the Mk1 can be released on time with the possibility of using a PS3 joypad if you need to play some analogue controllable games. Which reminds me, apart from PS1 games, what do we need the analogue nubs for? N64...
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    Planned Hardware Hacks/mods

    this might break compatibility with quite a few Pandora apps - I'm sure that devs are gonna write programs/emus/games/etc with the keyboard in mind. Removing it might make a lot of things not work properly. I guess you could get round this by buying one of those tiny QWERTY bluetooth keyboards...
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    Gp2x F-200 And Amiga Games

    Until very recently I owned a GP2X, a PSP and a Nintendo DS and being a complete Amiga addict I was also very interested in seeing which handheld was best at emulating an Amiga. I realise this is a GP2X forum but I'm sorry to say that the PSP achieved slightly better framerates for most games I...
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    Mapping Pandora Keyboard To Emulators That Don't Support Keyboards

    possible? I was just looking at Zodttd's PSX videos and an on screen keyboard popped up in one of the FF videos. How much effort / patching would it take to get it so that games that make heavy use of keyboards can be controlled by the Pandora keyboard instead of the d-pad? I'm thinking it...
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    Fs: Gp2x F100 Mk2 (with Custom D-pad Mod!)

    maybe it's silly, but I hate when people sneak behind the line to buy the goods hehe no worries though, it's just that I wished I had PMed you instead of that other guy Mind you, I have a F200... but I love the dpad mod and don't really feel like doing it myself so this could've been cool no...
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    Fs: Gp2x F100 Mk2 (with Custom D-pad Mod!)

    yeah sorry - someone PM'd me an offer that was roughly what I was looking for and it didn't involve ebay fees so I accepted. Sorry if you were bidding on the original auction... if it means anything, I didn't pull the auction, ebay did - it was apparently because I was offering a dvd full of...