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    Update PicoDrive 1.92

    Hi Notaz Could you help to build for PSP as well? I am still a PSP user and yet to move on
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    I hope Pyra will be able to give an excellent Sega Saturn emulation

    I am sorry guys if this is a very old news But this guy managed to crack the source code for Sega Saturn I hope the Yabause developer can contact this guy and create an excellent sega saturn emulator for it and in turn the next Yabause will be ported to Pyra to create a wonderful playing...
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    A few Colors and Packages (with a poll!)

    Hi, ED. Will you create a beautiful box art, the same as the one when ekianjo sold openpandora in Japan????
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    Interested with the Pyra, even from afar

    Hi, Weisz. I am an expatriate from Indonesia, working in your home country I too, am waiting for this niche device. I will using it for emulating dreamcast, psp, and hopefully sega saturn. Nice to see, another people from Asia is interested in this device :-)
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    Pictures from the "Lange Nacht der Computerspiele"

    Hey, ED. I thought those from younger generation did not interest in our video game era? Looks like a lot of them interested it on retro
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    Pyra Donations

    ED, can you put paypal link again for donation?
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    It's the Matrix!

    Hi ED, This also implies a good news with WLAN modules right?
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    Merciless life in Japan

    Hi Bro Ekianjo Is your life in Japan as merciless as this article?
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    Indonesia in a time warp???

    Yep, I just really don't understand their logic. They will blame anything that is blame-able I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia btw
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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

    Aren't you attending the event? For me, maybe a video of you talking or giving another mini video demo.
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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

    Better yet, Hi, ED, any good or very good news from OHSW 2014?
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    German Working Culture

    Wow, Thanks for the quick reply, ED, didn't expect you will be the one who answer first. Waiting for your video and pictures from Electronica
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    German Working Culture

    Hi, Guys. Especially from Germany Is it true that your working culture like this? It would be nice, if I had some feedbacks
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    What would you like to see?

    Office, video player and WINE of course
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    6th OpenPhoenux Hard- and Software Workshop

    If no one willing to be good translator, I would like ED to write subtitle for the video  :D  
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    First round of audio tests done

    bro ED, zip file is 404
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    It's the end of the nubs as we know them

    What about PSP nubs? Is it not in consideration also?
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    Pandora For sale!

    Thanks bro Ekianjo, I didn't see the email address that bro milinks put on his post
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    Pandora For sale!

    can PM me for Paypal address sir??? I'll make donation ASAP