I hope Pyra will be able to give an excellent Sega Saturn emulation


Mar 12, 2014
I am sorry guys if this is a very old news

But this guy managed to crack the source code for Sega Saturn

I hope the Yabause developer can contact this guy and create an excellent sega saturn emulator for it and in turn the next Yabause will be ported to Pyra to create a wonderful playing experience

So; any progress on the saturn emulation front? Any chance of a playable Saturn emulator or am I a wistful fairy dreamer?
I doubt it. While the CPU of the Saturn is SH2 based and the Dreamcast is SH5, the Saturn rocks two of them plus loads of support ASICs that do their stuff, often in duplicate as well. The Dreamcast has a much simpler design that's well engineered and simply screams along, while the Saturn threw everything at the bus to compete with the simple Playstation.
Well there is Yabause, which should be better on the Pyra than the Pandora... but haven't seen it in action. Personally I'm looking forward to what the Pyra can bring for Dreamcast with Reicast.
Thanks. I perused your beta thread to see if there were any posts about how well it ran on the old Pandora, but all I found was someone failing to run it using pnd_run and then they went quiet once you'd explained their problem.

Edit: Running it via software rendering on a Pyra prototype would be worthwhile as well.
I think I ran yabause using software in previous Gamescom, and it was kind of ok, from memory... I'll retry later, this weekend if I can.
If you find time to retry it again great. Is more progress possible now that the saturns hardwares been cracked or what?
Has Saturns hardware been significantly hacked since this thread was opened. The video at top from almost three years ago is about hacking the CD interface in the main, which is not something you generally need to care about with an emulator that runs isos from storage.