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  1. darkman

    How Many Of Us Have A Dingoo And Run Dingux?

    I agree, my feelings exactly. I know that I am missing out on MAME and a lot of Homebrew releases, but I will wait until things are right before I take the leap. Until then I have my GP2X for MAME.
  2. darkman

    How Many Of Us Have A Dingoo And Run Dingux?

    I have had a Dingoo from the very beginning, but I have not even considered Dingux. I have been waiting until it becomes a complete replacement for the original filmware, I guess. Really, I have been satisfied with what is on the Dingoo original filmware. What I like to play is all there. I'm...
  3. darkman

    Looks Like I'm Going To Be Featured In Retrogamer

    I'm glad that you will do a scan. I'd like to see that. :)
  4. darkman

    Cheapest Place To Buy A Dingoo?

    Apparently they like me too. I live in the US and usually receive my shipment within 10 days after I order. I am a regular at Deal Extreme though.
  5. darkman

    Here at Random

    Here at Random
  6. darkman

    Here at Random

    Here at Random
  7. darkman

    Mame4All Dingoo V1.0

    This is great! Now I am going to need to install Linux on my Dingoo. :D
  8. darkman

    Who Still Uses Their Gp32?

    The last two months I have been going back and playing with my GP32 again. What struck me first, when I pulled it out, was the large screen. I had forgotten how big it is. Mainly use it for DrMD and GPEngine. I wished Noiz2sa was more optimized for it and ran smoothly. I have a BLU and FLU, and...
  9. darkman

    Soft Case That Fits The Dingoo

    No it doesn't. Snug as a bug in a rug. :)
  10. darkman

    Soft Case That Fits The Dingoo

    Here is my hard case for my dingoo. It is an eye glass case I picked up for $3.00. Great protection at a small price. It even feels like a basketball. :lol:
  11. darkman

    Who Still Uses Their Gp2x Now That Wiz Is Here?

    I haven't gotten a WIZ yet. I really don't like what I see in the button configuration of the hardware. I use my old GP2X and I still use my GP32. And lately I have added my dingoo in the mix. :)
  12. darkman

    Anyone working on anything

    hmmm...... that sounds great. I've had my GP32 out regularly for the past month, giana's return would be most welcome, if possible.
  13. darkman

    The Wiz or the Dingoo?

    The design of the dingoo looks like someone broke off the top half of a DS lite to me. But it doesn't bother me. I still find it enjoyable. My only concern when looking at the pics of the Wiz are the buttons. Are they comfortable and workable when playing games? Are they hard to get use to?
  14. darkman

    First Dingoo Homebrew!

    Rubido was released for the dingoo this past week. :D
  15. darkman

    The "I got a Dingoo!" thread

    If a community gathers around it and developers take an interest, I'd say that it is a good poor man's portable. Im hoping that Mame will be up and running soon. I've almost got mine full of GBA games. :?
  16. darkman

    Master System & Game Gear Emulator

    Works okay for me. :? I simply put the emus in the game folder and put my games in a folder named "SMS." I put both GG and SMS files in there. I then just click on the game and play. The games are not full screen and there is no sound, but the games play good. The GG screen is very tiny on the...
  17. darkman

    The "I got a Dingoo!" thread

    I just got my dingoo yesterday afternoon. :lol: I have been loading it up and playing. I am very happy and satisfied with it. I am really looking forward to having Mame on mine. That, PC Engine emu, and some home brew, hopefully some home brew ports, will be the icing on the cake for me...
  18. darkman

    The "I got a Dingoo!" thread

    I am expecting mine, maybe next weekend. It says that it has left Hong Kong on my Dealextreme tracking. :lol: *the excitment builds*
  19. darkman

    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    Wow, I've sort-of been lerking in the shadows for a while, visting every now and then out of my busy schedule now a days. Sorry and sad to see this site in such a state. There are a lot of memories here. I have my bags packed and am ready to travel back and forth between sites. :(
  20. darkman

    Dingoo Review At Pocket Gamer

    Just read your review. It was well written and a very good read. I'm looking forward to having my dingoo.