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  1. strider_mt2k

    I Love My Pandora!

    People who ordered iPads will receive them in this century.
  2. strider_mt2k

    I Am Cancelling (Eventually)

    If you're gonna shoot, shoot. Don't talk. -Tuco Ramirez "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"
  3. strider_mt2k

    New Pics Up On Blog

    Still developing the OS? :blink: Wow.
  4. strider_mt2k

    Refund Experience?

    My refund was processed within hours of my request in a professional and timely manner, as it was for an associate of mine. They might need a new pair of shoes from all the foot dragging and stumbling on this project, but they handle the transactions exactly like they should be handled.
  5. strider_mt2k

    Just Wondering If We've Heard From The Factory.....

    What's this about the machinery being calibrated???? ;)
  6. strider_mt2k

    Should We Lock "q: Warranty At 800Mhz?"?

    Let's fighting love...? I know how I'm dealing with Pandoranoia.
  7. strider_mt2k

    Should We Lock "should We Lock "q: Warranty At 800Mhz?"?&#

    800Mhz bought the last of the Girl Scout cookies, and I wanted those lemon ones. :(
  8. strider_mt2k

    Look In The Mirror

    Someone flush the site please. (And don't forget to jiggle the handle)
  9. strider_mt2k

    Overclocking Vs Life Expectancy

    You want a little CPU that warms easily (and readily), check out the Ingenic CPU in the Dingoo. I actually developed a heat spreader for that thing. I don't know if my Wiz has ever warmed for any reason other than my greasy meathooks gripping the thing no matter what the clock setting.
  10. strider_mt2k

    Knob Polisher

    I was going to complain about this thread, but you seem to have everything well in hand.
  11. strider_mt2k

    Audio Player Application

    Is XBMC out of the question?
  12. strider_mt2k


    I've had that! With the little onions? Delicious. (yes i kid)
  13. strider_mt2k


    From what I understand it's actually two scoops.
  14. strider_mt2k

    Anticipate The New Video Here

    That video was a very good reminder of what I'm waiting for and why. SO COOL B) However, may I humbly request that the video link be moved to the front of the thread for easier...uh...finding?
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    post deleted by author
  16. strider_mt2k

    I The Red Baron

    Needs more drama. :rolleyes:
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    Halo it's me... (Todd Rungren on Xbox)
  18. strider_mt2k

    Wiz Broke An Sd Card

    Hmmm. I had a card come apart in my Wiz as well, and it resulted in the card slot not ejecting my replacement card when I inserted it. I ended up sending my Wiz back and having it replaced under warranty with GP2Xstore.
  19. strider_mt2k

    Sd Cards Case

    My Radio Shack store had a bunch of different card cases for a while that are now at around a dollar each. There is a nice flat metal one that is Targus-branded I might grab now that you mention it. I have an older card case from Sandisk but the thing is kind of large being compatible with...
  20. strider_mt2k

    What Kind Of Metal Parts Does The Case Contain?

    No one can destroy the metal. The metal will strike you down with a vicious blow.