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    Zxgp2x - Gp2x Port Of Zxgp32

    You probably dont use hardware acceleration, because for the same game which run at 50FPS with 67MHz on GP32 (8bit video), I've more than 55FPS with 50MHz (16bits video) on GP2X ... but I've recoded all gfx part.
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    Caanoo / WIZ Wiz Sdk

    Hi, Si ils ont la même politique que pour la GP2X le sdk ne sera pas fournis dans le package. Par contre tu peux utiliser le sdk d'OPEN2X avec les librairies en dynamique plutôt que statique et normalement cela doit fonctionner :) bienvenu :)
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    I can confirm you that yod4z contribute a lot in french gp2x part. His is very serious and follow all news. He has contributed to test all my gp2x programm and gave me idea/bug/suggession The pb is not find the most active people on this very new forum to promote him mod of a new language...
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    Play Asia Wiz - Big Delay

    Should be possible ;) I've already sent them an email to have one some weeks ago .. but no answer (yet...)
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    How many mods do you need for one language ? I know regular users and serious people.
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    I Will Wait The Day When A Gp2x Wiz With Oled 3.5'' Screen Wi

    I've already a handheld with 2.8" ltps lcd screen at 320x240 and it's perfectly readable. Also I think it's more clear with OLED screen
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    The Age.. ?

    34 for me and on the way for 35 !
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    I didn't get a Pandora because...

    I didnt preorder one for 2 reasons: -I would like to see the final device (video/picture) before any decision -I didnt have the money for that this month ... So I'm waiting ... but keep informed
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    why doesn't pandora have gps chip?

    You can probably add SDIO GPS, but the real problem is to have a free vectorial map for realtime navigation ... If my knowledge is good the major part of GPS builders use TOMTOM map which are not free. And when you have the map you need to dev the navigation software :wacko: increase the...
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    First post here and first request :) Could you add a little section for multi language and general talking ? (french,dutch,spanish,german,italian ....) I really interested by a french part because there's nothing today which really support Pando in french. PS: pour les français qui me lisent...
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    Gngeo2x 0.7

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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    That's an excellent news ! It just need a good SDK now ;)
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    Keyboard Layout And Durability

    I think it would be nice to have an FN key in left and right for right-handed as for left-handed. Today all examples have a FN key on the right, what is most appropriate for left-handed to enter text.
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    What Do You Think The Pandora Should Feature First?

    If we dont have a good GUI, all emulator need to have a good frontend ! Personnaly I just need a simple clear and fast GUI (lower cpu clock)... with no bug :) Ideally with a SD/NAND browser. Remember GP32 firmware ? With the time some coders will code some GUI with fancy 3D effect, but we...
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    Pandora Neat Pandora Mockup Environment.

    make warning, 800*480 for 4.3" = pitch very low and DPI very high. I think some screen shot will be unreadable on real pandora screen
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    Universal Rom Loader

    It's a good idea an not very difficult todo. It just force users to keep a good roms organisation on SD because generaly all roms are in zip files and scan all zip can take lot of time when you have 10GB on SDHC ;) Basically the general frontend need to have a dedicated roms folder per...
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    How Green Will Be The Pandora

    Good and interesting question ! Edit: Perhaps we can use a solar USB charger ? :)