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    Usb Ide Interface

    cool must have missed that one :) you know the 2 gig kanguru zipper is more than $175 ?
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    Usb Ide Interface

    I did say probably be my last message I decided to check up see if anyone posted :D Linux already has generic IDE and CD drivers they where probably disabled for Gp32 linux yes It dose it comes with one I said that in my original post :P I think that was a battery powerd Hub ? The kanguru...
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    Usb Ide Interface

    goto or and enter the quick find code 43759 it comes with its own power supply for hdd/cd/dvd ( probably need USb power for adapter as well) Gp32 with a 10 GIG HDD and CDRW would be cool :D Also I sold my GP32 so this will probably be that last message I post unless Gamepark...
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    Is Reliable???

    Glass can break
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    Sony Vaio

    Im not after a good gaming laptop just maybe 16mb 3d so I can play old stuff like halflife, Quake 3 resident evil (1/2/3) and other older 3d games that dont require too much power I like to watch movies too but my old laptop dosnt have much gfx ram so movies that cant use the decoder card are...
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    Ebay And Paypal

    The most annoying thing is when sellers have items on then tell you some shit like they are going on holiday so you have it wait an extra week or so Wtf they selling stuff for if they have already planned to go away :angry:
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    Sony Vaio

    sounds verry nice although the problem there its good a good gfx card /chip but a g3 cpu so there will not be as many games / programs that will beable to take advantage of it all you need is one of those figure 8 plugs you can get them in most hardware shops for a few £ or just take one off...
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    Sony Vaio

    im just after something with a ok/good graphics chip, 16mb 3d card or higher but im not sure if I will find anything like that yer sounds like that I left after the first 5 min
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    Sony Vaio

    I would say currently about £300 maybe in a week or so a little more :) and im in the UK
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    Converting Mpeg To Realmedia (for Nokia N-gage Qd)

    Theres the freeware program from nokia forum that will convert movies to 3gg format that will play on ngage,,034-63,00.html you need to register but its free :D you could give pvauther a try but its a demo and you have to pay for it but its gives you more...
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    Sony Vaio

    Turned out t be a load of sh1t It was supposed to be a sale but they sold off everything in large piles of stuff so I could not just get a laptop I would have had to get a laptop a tv and loads of other sh1t I dont need or want and when lotted together the overall price was not that cheap and...
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    Sony Vaio

    no nothing like that no not seen hardware and I dont know spec still trying to find out the lowest spec vaio that Sony make only £300 I think its bankrupt stock or something there could be more than one
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    Sony Vaio

    an ibook dose seem tempting but im not too keen on mac os Last time I used it it was on an imac the os was not nice and the think different 100% round 1 buttoned mouse was suprisinly annoying :D Im going to have a look at the vaio (already aranged) and if the price is right and all is fine I...
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    Sony Vaio

    thats good the price I got offerd is quite a but under half and as far as I know its new and lega but still I got to see what condition /spec is like when I get therel Weight is not a problem I currently got a P3 450 laptop upgraded cpu myself from P2 because I needed a little extra power my...
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    Sony Vaio

    dose anyone know what the lowest spec the sony vaio avalible Is ? Edit:just need an Idea because im going to look at one and have not been given much detail and also thinking about price range
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    Is Xvid A Rival Of Divx ???

    Is it realy that different ? I though xvid was mostly divx compatable you can even set the xvid codec to use the internal Divx header thingy I have not used Divx for some time but the last time I did it was Adware so I just use VLC also have xvid codec but I think VLC has some internal stuff...
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    Device To Power The Usb Port / Hub

    the lowest usb should beable to work at is 4.5v so an extra AA batt + the 2 already in the GP should do it ;)
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    Sonic On My Phone......

    yep I though so aswell. mainly because I have to take my phone everywhere where as Gp32 I have to plan to take it
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    Gp32 Won't Work Off Batteries!!

    rechargeables eventually die you should try some fresh new ones from shop
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    lol ok :D