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  1. MWeston

    iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    These projects have never been about making money for me, as I had hoped might someday happen.  At least twice Craig has asked me if I wanted to be paid for profits made on iCP or roll it back into production so we can make more and I always told him to use it to build more to expand the...
  2. MWeston

    iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    My last email from Craig, dated Oct. 21, 2013 stated this: "Not to mention that in the last year just general government fees & tax in the UK have been eating $$$". This is in regards to the iCP2 company. Also: "I've promised to close OP UK. As I see it there is no point in leaving it going as...
  3. MWeston

    iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    The ADCs were NOT the problem with this project.  The PCB was just fine.  I had the ADCs working over a month ago but the operation got flaky when paired with the nub code module.  Once Craig made it relatively clear that the project was unlikely to finish, I stopped wasting my time trying to...
  4. MWeston

    Augmented Reality Game for smartphones

    A buddy of mine is part of a project to try and continue to make AR gaming popular.  I've seen something like this before and I think that Gizmondo thing tried a simple version of this.  The idea of using GPS is pretty cool.  How neat it would be to hold your phone up and see all this imaginary...
  5. MWeston

    HW Hack: Keyboard light

    Pretty cool! In order to determine that resistor, you need the forward voltage of the LED (Vf) from the datasheet. (3.7V - Vf)/(current in amps) = resistor value.
  6. MWeston

    Headphone jack on P2

    I'm just curious what people would prefer for that fourth pin on the headphone connector. P2 is most likely not going to contain an internal microphone. It didn't appear to be a big feature on P1 and my hardware selections are based on what stays, what goes and what will be new. Note that...
  7. MWeston

    What did the team do, in order to make Pandora audio output so good?

    This is an amp I designed with the possibility of a commercial future but I haven't done anything with it other than use it. It's a big step going from a prototype to something that can be replicated in the thousands. I don't have any kind of store. I don't think I ever want to be...
  8. MWeston

    What did the team do, in order to make Pandora audio output so good?

    I'm always glad when people say they like the sound. For the fun of it, check out this headphone amp I designed specifically for my HD-650's. My newer laptop has decent sound but my old one was a hissy mess and I absolutely needed this. Since I designed it myself with sound quality in mind...
  9. MWeston

    5" screen (on a P2)

    I don't know what the actual usage will be like but OMAP5 (and even starting with OMAP4) has really upped the pipeline for memory bandwidth. They are designing these to run at 1080p. Again, I haven't been able to do anything with OMAP4 (never did get my Pandaboard up and running a while back...
  10. MWeston

    5" screen (on a P2)

    And Notaz will be one of the first people to know about it as it develops if he is interested. :) The 1080p screen sure has the wow factor but thinking about it some more does lead me to think a 720p screen would be more suitable. I suppose it depends on what can be purchased in small...
  11. MWeston

    Pandora dead after drop from table

    That part belongs with the backlight circuit. You won't see anything without it. I wouldn't consider it too hard to replace myself, but if you have no experience soldering, then you would have to send it in for repair. It sounds like your board is still okay if it boots (not that you can see...
  12. MWeston

    Sound output voltage

    The EXT connector is line level so about 1.8Vpp. It is a line driver output so it should handle a decent amount of load but it is no headphone output.
  13. MWeston

    Sound output voltage

    The maximum output is 4.1Vpp if I remember correctly. I set the gain so that you can just slightly clip the output if you were to put a 0dB sine wave through it or something like that. TrashyMG's readings are more realistic values for anything audio but 4.1Vpp is the spec.
  14. MWeston

    Warranty after approx. a year

    That noise is because the high pass filter on the output is set to such a low frequency that the capacitors are so large. This extends the low end frequency response which makes the most use of the high power amplifier for those of us with pretty high end headphones. Maybe it helps with crappy...
  15. MWeston

    Battery is damaged, but working: need advice on replacement

    That just looks like the label. The first batch labels were slightly large and they can catch on the battery door or edges. It doesn't look like there is anything wrong with your battery. I don't see any bulging and remember that the label is not part of the battery itself. The batteries are...
  16. MWeston

    "iGame" V10 Android Game Console

    I could have changed the nubs to use just one microcontroller in the code but the problem is board routing. That middle area is where the internal layers go nuts and there are plenty of power and signal traces on the outside layers to further complicate things. On top of that is the...
  17. MWeston

    Audio nuts take note

    I'm glad the audio is a strong point for some people, including myself. It didn't really add a bunch of cost to make the audio circuitry sound good, mostly just proper planning and part selection. As for the imbalance with the volume wheel, it is a mechanical difference considered "normal" by...
  18. MWeston

    [SOLVED] SD slot stopped working

    One or more of the pins that contact the pads on an SD card probably got bent up. If you try to push them down a bit (bending the metal), it might work again. Hopefully the flexing back and forth doesn't break the metal piece off though.
  19. MWeston

    Pandora in Popular Science magazine

    I can confirm that editions that come to Canada do NOT have this Pandora article. What a disappointment. They do have an mention on page 64 though.
  20. MWeston

    Empty battery - No LED - No start - Advice needed

    A 0.0 reading is when the battery's internal protection kicks in and physically disconnects the battery pack from the terminals. This is to prevent the battery from actually trying to go to zero and puffing up which would cause the pack to puff up and break the case, plus mean the absolute end...