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    Ben Heckendorn ?

    Hah, without an idea of scale, that looks like a suitcase out of Mission:Impossible. I bet you could track rogue ICBM's with that.
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    Release Fullspeed Amiga Emulation On Pandora!

    Hoh, what are the chances of an Atari port addition on the Pandora?
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    The Latest Wiz Form Factor (without The Right-hand D-pad)

    Ya know, that abxy looks suspiciously like a d-pad...
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    Pandora Cold

    Now, a Pandora made from "Military Grade" components sounds effin cool.
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    Gph: The Wiz - Official Announcement

    People should find out if it actually has two d-pads...
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    The Girl In The Red Shirt

    Oh, so get to blame her of all the bad things in the world? :huh:
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    Congrats Hedelmae

    Hyvä hedelmä, jee.
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    Revisiting 'old' Classics

    Tell me, you stream music from X-box? Was this easily accomplished? Have you installed a bigger HDD on it?
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    Psp Emulation And Homebrew

    I got one of them Datel Tool batteries from some english online retailer. The process itself was easy as eating pancakes.
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    Post Your Handheld Collections!!

    And here's some auction stuff to make you cry: First, a Gamate auction I was watching that just went completely out of control... Gamate Auction on Ebay - final price: £127 !! And here, a Mega Duck and a Cougar Boy on Ebay Brazil - but I can't figure out how to contact the seller, so I can't...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    That was 2.45 minutes of the best entertainment I've had for ages. :)
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    Xbox 360 Portable = Gp2x

    I should stay away from youtube, the comments depress me to the brink of suicide... Humanity's future? I fear so.
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    Price Drop?

    Hah, maybe a splinter group will split from GPH, with it's own handheld. They shall be called GPI...