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    Homegrown Software????

    fenix too..
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    P00 Files

    how they smell?
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    Recomended Emus

    dude, try it by yourself when you get your gp32..
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    Recomended Emus

    gba - GpAdvance (be patient with this one) snes - osx9gp ngp - NeoGP gb & gbc - fGB32 nes - Little John genesis - fGEN32 there is no version of ASR in english and no patch exists BTM... other commercial games that are fine are Her Knights, Little Wizard, Dungeon and Guarder, Tomak.. but i...
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    Why Was My Avatar Changed????

    dude, bitches aren't that bad =>
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    We Need A List With Good Games For The Emus...

    there is already a top100 in gp32spain, you can see it here..
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    Shadow Dancer Ii

    Shadow Dancer II Intro: I wanted to beat this game cause I'm a fan of ninja games :ph34r:. It's a platform game that happens in New York where you are a high skilled ninja who has a wolf which comes with him through all the game and helps him in the fight too biting the enemies that are...
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    Kidchameleon @ Fgen32

    Kidchameleon @ fGEN32 Intro: Well, I didn't know this game before I put it up on my GP32 to play through the last beta of fGEN32. It was all about curiosity after reading the name, I thought it was some kind of Sonic where you control a hybrid between a kid and a chameleon or something, lol...
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    I Will Never Give Up

    it'd be nice if you could explain yourself a little bit more.. thx :]
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    Any News From Yoyofr On Opensnes?

    yeah, he said that he was going to release the 0.5 (soon) and he also released the 0.2 that supports 200Mhz :D, keep waiting!
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    Aquafish's Multi Firmware V5 !!

    nice shit man.
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    Neo Geo Pocket / Gameboy Sp

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    Fgen32 / Gigadrive Compatibility

    I don't know about Gigadrive's but you can find a fGEN32 compatibility list here, it's in spanish but I'm sure it'll be so helpful =) there are 1065 games/roms and we have tested 535 where 341 work fine and 65 of 'em have sound. you can fill it too if you have tested any rom that noone have...
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    is it worth to take care of the idea of a kid who uses that crappy pikachu avatar? hell, no.
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    yah, but if they can fucking repair it then they go buy you a new one?