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    Sqdef, My Tower-defense Game

    Will it be open source or will you port it to the psp? I'm really looking forward to that, good luck with all the coding =)
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    Just Got A Nintendo Wii

    Yesterday, some friends of mine and me were walking through the city, looking for a special cd. On our search we've seen over 10 wii's, all open for sale, not reserved and no fights around them. Now I just got the mail that the store I ordered the one for christmas ( they take wir ) can't...
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    Getting Into Ds Homebrew.

    I'd like to get myself a good flashcard for the ds, I've already read some pages about the different methods on the market but I'm not quite sure which one is the best for me. I'd like to: - have a good and working way to transfer files from an ibook running mac os x 10.4 - be able to run most...
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    GP2X Devs Please Underclock Your Apps

    Picodrive: 220mhz :huh:
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    I've bought Meteos and Mario Kart and haven't touched the gp2x since. This for sure will make me play the gp2x again :D Thanks A LOT zodttd, fantastic work :)
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    Nds Friendcodes

    Tetris DS: 159 599 311 641 Just got the ds new, great little machine!
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    "Giana's Rückkehr", wieder einmal?

    Re: Status Update <r><QUOTE author="Kojote"><s> </e></QUOTE> Wow. <br/> <QUOTE><s> </e></QUOTE></r>
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    Suche Boulder Dash

    Bin durch den Link im Digger-Thread hierhergekommen.. Der Port von Digger Remastered könnte die Boulder Dash sicher interessieren.. Habs mir eben mal kurz angesehen, ist 'nur' Sdl, das ist richtig. Kompiliert nach einigen kleinen Änderungen auch schön in 320x240, scheint alles perfekt zu...
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    Digger V0.1 Released

    English isn't my mother language. ( I thought that's an other way to say inside of it, but thanks to urban dictionary here. ) @Racemaniac: Thanks to your port suggestion ( two years ago ;) ) I remembered the name of the game and decided to port it. Thanks for the feedback, I've just implented...
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    D-Pad Mod von DaveC

    Mame funktioniert genau aus diesem Grund auch mit L+R+Start. Habe mittlerweile auch die meisten Übernommen da einige Leute D-Pads verbaut haben.
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    Digger V0.1 Released

    Well, highscores are avaible and they work for me.. They're getting saved if you loose all your lives (and quit with start+l+r? I'm not quite sure, will have a look tomorrow) And the scores just load if you restart the same set of levels (logically). I'll have a look into the shoot at start...
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    Digger V0.1 Released

    Digger v0.1 released! I'm porting Digger Remastered to the GP2X. The game itself runs perfect (fullspeed at over 300% of the original speed, and that heavily underclocked!) but I haven't finished working on the sound. I'm coding on a frontend that will let you select the available...
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    New Mk Wish List?

    Improved Building Quality, especially on the stick (D-Pad anyone?), power switch and the headphone plug. More really isn't needed..
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    I'm porting digger actually, just for fun. It runs at the moment, you can play through all the levels, highscores are getting saved.. Gameplay is perfect, two-player mode, it drops little frames but that shouldn't be too hard to change. The music isn't running at the moment. Also I'm going to...
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    Nethack And Stick Click

    By the way, what has happened to dzz? I haven't read a post of him the last months and his bejeweled clone hasn't made any (public) progress.