Yet ANOTHER reason to keep it Pandora/Pyra.

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Mar 29, 2013
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I just watched this and I loved's so Michael...and German at times, but it's so universally US....Linux and Pandora users and he wasn't at all being apologetic, but telling it as it is. Great job, Evil Dragon. You keep it technical and fun and don't seem to get into the hearsay and rumor. No need to name that guy anymore.

I think that WE are all in good hands, with a "CEO" that knows his stuff and that pushes the product that exists and that is to come...

The PYRA ~

Cases from Greece? Wow.....that'll be interesting....

Sorry to to see M. Weston go - but welcome newcomer, Dr. Nikolaus Schaller. It's rare, that you can go from a true genius to a doctor...but we have and we might have a smooth transition. Not sure what this all means in the end, but they BOTH are so much smarter than I am. I like watching ALL of it, because I know that it's OUR money in the end, and that I like KNOWING. Where at least most of it goes...THAT is almost intriguing.

-I'm a dumbass

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