Got your Pyra? Write it here for all


Still Fresh
Jul 19, 2021
Thanks ED for the explanation. This has clarified the situation, which was my goal in coming here.

Having received some emergency funding, my situation is no-longer critical and I do not need to ask to be prioritised over your other outstanding tickets.

You may - at your discretion - either:
  1. Send me a Pyra and remit the balance owed. (If it saves you time, a mass production unit.)
  2. Return my money in full. (You told me this would be 'no problem'.)
You have my shipping and email addresses. Send an email notification when you have shipped a unit or transferred funds.

Wishing you the best of success, as always.


Still fresh, damnit!
Oct 6, 2008
Somewhere off the coast of the EU
If you want to complete an order, I think you need to go to the shop using the special url in the email you received, add the pyra to your basket and apply the voucher codes. That is the only way to complete a preorder.

If you didn't receive the email, it would suggest that ED doesn't have your email address. I needed myself to get my message resent because my email address had changed versus 5 years ago, and despite notifying the shop of that and getting the colour question email fine, the final order was sent to the email address associated with the original preorder.