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Pixel Mercenary
Jul 22, 2013
So recently, I rebooted my project to create a runtime-based game environment like Python, but for Squirrel, called XYG, which stands for eXperience Your Game. I've been making very slow progress after switching to SDL2, but at least I've got enough that I could make a basic game with it.

My plans are to make an editor to go with it after I've nailed down the executable format. It manages to run fine on Pandora in a window so far, except that the renderer breaks if you resize the window, something I haven't had trouble with on PC.

I was originally gonna wait until I had it to where the project compiler and runtime were at their first versions before making it open source, but I ran into some snags and made it open early so others could help me fix them, so if anyone's curious about how it's coming along, I make periodic updates both to the Git and to the project blog.

If anyone wants to read more about it, you can find the project at I'm gonna be keeping up with Pandora development even after Pyra comes out cuz I'm sure not everyone's gonna throw out their Pandora right away. The IDE will also be open-source when I get it started, but I'm more focused on core features at the moment.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys have to say, and if you wanna follow the project, add @xygstudio on Twitter to be notified of new blog posts.
I will never trow out my pandora... it has a suspend switch... which is lacking in the Pyra... so much better suited as audioplayer/pause

For the lazy:

Squirrel is small, OO and feels like LUA.

@Kelvin: So eventhough the Squirrel website states x86, you managed to compile it on ARM? Awesome.
It's hard work though. Will you make a focus on 2d RPG's? (thus, facilitating something like FF3 map-engine).
Also be careful with loops. Make sure the input (keyboard/mouse) reading loop does not take up 100% CPU.
Yeah, compiling for ARM was pretty simple. I have it running on Pandora, except that when I resize the window, it stops rendering, so it must be an issue with SDL2. The performance is pretty decent, though. I haven't had much time to work on it, so I haven't finished the collision checking yet. It'll use rotatable shapes for precision, but I may try to come up with a per-pixel engine if anyone wants that. Also, sprite scaling is harder to figure out than it was with SDL1.2.

It will be aimed at 2D games mainly, but be more of a blank canvas instead of just an RPG engine. The map format it uses is Tiled TMX, so just about any type of 2D or pseudo 3D game should work.
*sigh* I can't figure out how to keep this thing from losing rendering when I resize the window. Does anyone else have this problem when making SDL2 apps?