Div games studio + games

I've tried picross, it seems to work fine but the game window is too small, it would be nice if it could stretch to full screen.
Oh wow, sounds great! Looks like Div was a lot more popular than I thought it was

Div perhaps wasn't as well known as BlitzBasic or DarkBasic et al, but it did have a good following of worldwide supporters. Some of the output was awesome.
None of them are working for me. They all crash after the DIV welcome screen.
I've only tried my own Xmas Lemmings and that worked fine on my Pandora. Can't vouch for the others though (not even my others!). I suspect if Lemmings works, the others should too. Is your Pandora upto date?

BTW I don't recall a Div welcome screen in my game - it goes straight to the title screen IIRC.
SuperZaxxon R1.72 installed on my CC Pandora - pretty recent firmware. I will try upgrading to 1.73 though.
The welcome screen is a pic with the text 'created using DIV'
Haven't tried Lemmings yet - but I have tried games that other folks have rated and commented on.
It's entirely possible I will get a Pandora within the next week or so, and I will be able to get these games all working in a more friendly fashion. The splash screen is one that's on all DIV games (non DOS builds) (similar to how unity does).

The div-arena.co.uk site is now back up and running at near full speed, and hopefully lots more games will be compiled for the pandora really soon! There are about 500 games currently on the site of varying quality, most playable in the browser but all *should* be available for the pandora soon after I get a unit!