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Oct 5, 2008
I'd like to let you all know of an upcoming release for the pandora of div games studio, which is a port of the original dos code from the late 90s and early 00s. Some of you may be familiar with a system called bennugd, which is a clone of div games studio.

Along with the ide itself, the div games 1 and 2 runtime engines have also been ported. Currently they are stable across a numbet of platforms. Also supported are the extensiom plugins, mode 7 (mariokart) and all other div features except the old mode8 3d engine which will be replaced.

I have approximately 400 games of varying degrees of quality, some really good titles and some not so great, but there is a lot!

Some of the existing ported titles have been uploaded to my site - http://js.mikedx.co.uk

More info can be found at the newly resurrected div-arena - http://div-arena.co.uk

It is still early stages but the whole systems successfuly compiles to binary and i have some willing volunteers ready to test these pnd files in the next few weeks.

For now, please enjoy the games in the html port!

I hope to have some games exported as pnd in the next few days and hope to have them as a standard export from the div os (ide). Current targets are:







Raspberry pi


And newly added pandora

All of these can be created from the native system (so the pandora can create working exe, gcw opk, JavaScript zip, osx app bundle etc)

I shall post here again once i have some pnd native games to play with. Since i have no console i shall be relying on you to help me bug fix.

Best regards

great release! thanks for adding screenshots. I didn't realize at first, that this is an actual port of DIV. I used to make games with that back in dos days but could never get used to the new syntax of the modernized clones. maybe I can dig out some old projects now!
This is indeed a genuine port of the original DIV1 + DIV2 code (plus enhancements). These games are configured as-is or now, so the usual div key combos are currently in effect

alt+x quit

cursors / cltr / alt / space / shift for control + buttons (these will be changed in an upcoming release to map to the dpad + buttons)

As time goes on, they should only get better, but I'm relying on you guys for feedback since I have no way to test these yet.

Please rate + comment. There are 25 games up now and more to come.
dude... building for the Pandora without having one... and hitting the mark. I tip my hat to you.
Played timepilot and enjoyed it a lot.
I actually made a few games with DIV. Most where lost when in an attempt to get more free space on my 2,1GB bigfoot harddrive to play Unreal Tournament on a LAN party though (yes, long time ago).
I played a few of these games tonight - all good fun!

I just wonder though; is the quit button defined by the game itself, or by your modifications? Cos on Pandora fn+Q (i.e. Escape) is the usual key combo to quit (and unlike on PCs, quite hard to hit accidentally), while Alt+X takes a bit more hunting and pecking than usual.
Most of these games were written over 10 years ago, I know mine were, but even though pc ESC was the usual exit default they don't work with the Fn+Q combo. I suspect this is to do with how the games are repackaged. Maybe they will be fixed to work with the Pandora's standard method of ESC. Might be a bit late for those games, but hopefully others will follow the norm.
Would anyone here happen to still have a copy of the Div quickstart handbook? I went to the new div-arena site, but the zip download appears corrupt. I tried running the zip file through a zip repair program, but no luck. I can see the PDF file in the archive, but it won't extract nor can you open it.

Google keeps pointing back to the same broken archive ... :(
I've got the Div and Div2 manuals - I don;t recall a quickstart guide, although the Div2 manual is more light-weight. I'll be buggered if I'm scanning them in though!

Was there something you wanted from the guide in particular?
I was just looking for the tutorial since it is listed as being for a total beginner and walks you through creating your first game. I'll try some of the other tutorials I found. Thanks!