XU-DH1 gamepad questions (because I can't understand the manual)


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Jun 20, 2011
Hi, I have some questions about the XU-DH1 gamepad, because I can't find answers on the internet, and the "manual" inside the box is in chinese (or some similar language).

The gamepad is good, simple, and really fit my hands, but there are some functions I can't understand well (I use it only on a Windows PC):

  1. Are the 2 little buttons at the top useful only with Android ? Them are not recognised by games (or by joy.cpl on Windows), but the one with the back-arrow seems to go to the previous page of the browser, while the one with a MENU icon seems to do nothing.
  2. Is the HOME button configurable/usable in some way ? It is not recognised as a joystick button and when I press it it just open the internet browser with an empty page (putting the games in background if i press it while playing).
The HOME button is required for some games, so sometimes I'm missing this functionality.

I didn't had to install drivers, at least manually, I just plugged the dongle in the USB and it was working... or maybe there are different drivers that I could try to use ?

I found the solution to make useful at least 2 of those keys, I can't find a way to grab what "event" or code corresponds to the one in the upper right...
but the other two corresponds to events:

HOME = Browser_Home
The one in the upper left = Browser_Back

So I made a very little AutoHotKey script that overrides them with "Enter" and "Space"


Browser_Home::Send {Return}
Browser_Back::Send {Space}

I just launch the script before gaming and not only the browser stays closed, but I can actually map those buttons to game controls.