XU-DH1 - carbon mats ?


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Jun 20, 2011
Hi, I can't see the carbon mats for the XU-DH1 in the store, I would buy 3 if them will come, I don't want to change a perfectly working gamepad just because a button remains stuck :(


In the worst case them are not available anywhere, is there some trick I could use to make the mat lasting a little more ? (I already rotated it because I use Y less then A, the broken one)
This is a gamepad, I take it. Those don't work forever, but I can't find a picture of this one or anywhere selling one, just you posting about drivers for it in January, so perhaps you've not had it that long.

I'd be surprised if the rubber keymat has degraded so far in such a short time. It'd have to be made out of pastry or something to degrade that quickly. But in my experience, sticking keys is usually down to poorly designed plastics allowing the key to go in askew, rather than the rubber failing to push them back at all. This can happen if the body of the button is too slim, and can be exacerbated by a lack of locking pins allowing the button to freely rotate.
I never had replacement mats for those, it's the oldest GPD Product :) (GPD = GamePad Digital)
No idea if others fit...
I'd be surprised if the rubber keymat has degraded so far in such a short time.

I played with it for a year, and the A button is the the one used the most.

It is a pretty solid product, lightweight, it's even easy to open up... and I love the DPad...