Can't select a shipping option


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Nov 22, 2009
I'm trying to purchase the nub replacement for my Pandora on When using the Calculate Shipping button it provides me with three options but does not allow me to select any of them; they are not clickable and there is no button beside them. I can click on the Add to Cart button, but that selects the cheapest shipping method as a default. There does not appear to be a way to select either Fedex or UPS.

I've tried different versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox with no variation in results. Anyone else have this problem?
Are you ordering the part or the act of replacement?
The later is hard to ship.
YOU need to sent the pandora to the shop for that.
The item I'm purchasing is the service - nub replacement. However, I also have to provide ED with the cost of shipping the Pandora back to me as part of the purchase. There is a Calculate Shipping button that provides an interface to select your country, allowinging the web service to calculate the shipping for three different methods (a local option, Fedex and UPS), which should allow you to select one. It adds the value of the shipping option you selected to the cost of the nub replacement. You can then select Add to Cart.
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That calculate shipping function non the product page is just to show you the shipping costs.
You choose the shipping service during checkout.